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Parrot of Paradise Prices 2023

Parrot of Paradise Prices 2023

The parrot species, which we call the parrot of paradise, is the rarest bird species in the world and fascinates those who see it with its unique beauty. It distinguishes itself from other bird species with the different tones it emits and also has special feather structures that make it different.
Although they are native to Africa, they love warm climates. They can easily be fed at home and they are very affectionate because they are a social bird species. They should always live in pairs as they love attention.

Although Parrots of Paradise have the ability to speak in general, they are birds that do not prefer to talk too much. These birds, which are easy to tame, are of great importance to be tamed when they are young. Parrots of paradise over three months old are becoming difficult to tame. Parrots of paradise are more difficult to distinguish between the sexes than other birds. Although physical characteristics and gravy tones can be used to distinguish gender, a DNA test is required to determine the exact sex. The cages they are in should be high and large in volume.

In situations where they have to live alone, it is necessary to keep toys and extra attention on them so that they are not alone. It is very important to have a couple so that they can live comfortably, be happy and healthy. When choosing a mate, parrots of paradise choose a mate according to their own characteristics. Depending on the condition of the eye patches on them, they choose lovebirds with the same characteristics.

Parrots of Paradise characteristics

Parrots of paradise, who love bathing and water, are very happy in the summer months with refreshing small pools with puddles of water in their cages. One easy way to tell their age is by the color of their beaks. They have an average lifespan of 10 years. This parrot species, which reaches 12-20 cm in length, has orange noses until they are 3 months old, and when they mature, they turn red. Their maximum weight is 60 grams.

Fruits and plant seeds are a must when feeding Parrots of Paradise. Alternatively, white millet, oats, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are among the foods suitable for the diet of paradise. In addition to these foods, parrots of paradise can also consume dardar and honey crackers. Extra attention should be paid to eating and drinking during the shedding season. Especially the oats they eat reduce this during the moulting period. Eggs, apples and greens are among the foods that are beneficial for their nutrition and health.

Parrots of paradise are among the most difficult birds to train and require a lot of patience. The paradise parrot to be domesticated should be in a separate cage away from other parrot species. After making sure that they are acclimatized to their environment, they can be released from their cages. It is very important that items that pose a danger to the parrot are not present in the area where they fly, so as not to affect the vital activities of the animal. Hand feeding a parrot is an important criterion for strengthening the bond between the owner and the bird.

We’ve already mentioned that parrots of paradise are difficult to sex. As a result of research carried out by experts, it can be noticed that those with straight tails are female, while those with oval tails are male. At the same time, the distance between their feet is greater in females and less in males. Although such observations are helpful for differentiation, they are not conclusive. The most definitive result will be determined by a DNA test.
Parrots of paradise have the ability to speak, but not as actively as other parrot species. Although they are very chatty, they talk less than budgies and other parrot species. Parrots of paradise, regardless of whether they are male or female, have very high-pitched and short-lived vocalizations. This is a parrot species that bites and gnaws only for play. However, aggression and biting can be caused by the instinct to protect the cage and its owner.

Parrots of paradise are raised in a delicate way until they are about 1 year old, in which case the living area and their care must be very careful. Chemicals should not be used while maintaining the hygiene of living spaces and it is of great importance that the person providing the cleaning process washes their hands. They should be caged immediately after birth due to their delicate constitution. Because the feathers of newborn paradise do not mature immediately, they cannot maintain their balance and can harm themselves.

This highly mobile bird species should be able to move comfortably in large cages. Toy activities in the cage are important for developing their own balance. Drinkers and feeders should be located at the bottom of the cage and within reach. People can optionally give vitamins and fruit supplements and increase the health development of the parrot. The water they drink should be changed within a few days and, if possible, vitamins should be added to the water. Bird sand should be preferred for them to defecate in, so that digestion is provided in a healthier way.

As the prices of this bird species can vary, it is not possible to give a precise price. Prices may vary depending on their appearance and education.

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Forpus Parrot Prices 2023

Forpus Parrot Prices 2023

Forpus parrots are fun, energetic and funny birds that people talk about a lot. They are also very sociable and friendly. They usually love to eat and play. Since they are among the most active bird species, it is rare to see them calm. Some studies have shown that Forpus parrots that spend time with people have a greater ability to learn. One of the most advanced characteristics of this parrot species is their fearlessness. However, they are also known for their jealousy. You can see that these grumpy and jealous birds behave differently due to their hormonal structure when it comes to breeding periods. Despite this, it is a very tame bird.

Forpus Parrot age

It takes about 12 months for Forpus parrots to become adult individuals. The average life expectancy of this parrot species ranges from 15 to 20 years. Although they resemble a parakeet at first glance, they are really cute parrots. Their height and size are no different from an average parakeet. In addition, the ideal age for a Forpus parrot to become an adult and then incubate for birth is 2 years. Male forpus parrots are distinguished from females by a blue stripe on their wings, eyes and tail. In this way, male forpus parrots have dull and striped stripes, while female forpus parrots have no stripes.

Forpus Parrot Lifespan

Forpus parrots are among the parrot species that can live in the house, although they are very humane. Although this bird species is native to South America, it is also widely kept in our country. One of the biggest questions that people who love this parrot species have is how long Forpus parrots can live. This parrot species can last between 15 and 20 years if they are cared for in appropriate conditions and if they do not get sick.

Changes in the average life expectancy of parrots can be due to many circumstances. These situations can be caused by a number of factors, such as the bird having a good diet, being away from stress and similar situations, as well as having a large living space. Thanks to the fact that such situations are suitable for Forpus parrots, your parrot can live for many years.

The criteria that are important for a Forpus parrot to live for many years are the following;

  • Maintaining them in a quality manner and keeping them clean
  • Large living space (a large aviary)
  • Separating the cages due to stress problems that may arise due to the pair
  • Sufficient and diverse seed varieties for their nutrition
  • Adding supportive vitamins to the water and supporting it
  • Stool checks should be done regularly and should not be interrupted
  • In general, the bird should be checked by veterinarians and should not be interrupted.
  • are the most important factors for a bird’s longevity.
Forpus Parrot Education Process

Forpus parrots can experience stress for about 1 week after they are removed from their environment and come to their new habitat. In the home environment, they should be kept in the cage without letting them out and should not be disturbed. Once the parrot is gradually accustomed to people and the environment, they can be petted with small touches.

If the first reactions are to run away from you, if you are patient, they will start to get used to you. At this point, you should be patient and avoid sudden movements and wait for him to get used to you. Once the parrot gets used to its owner, it can almost fall in love with you. Then they will learn from you in return for your actions and behavior. In order to get him to talk, it is better not to force him and not to bore him. You can educate Forpus parrots on the topics you want without boring and disturbing them as much as possible. But giving him small rewards during learning will speed up the training time and help him adapt faster. These rewards can be small snacks that they can enjoy or cute toys that they can have fun with.

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Alexander Parrot Prices 2023

Alexander Parrot Prices 2023

This parrot species originated in India. It is also a bird species that is being fed and cared for in Turkey. This bird species, which can also live in large flocks in Asian countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, is a very popular bird species with its special colors and intelligence. Alexander parrots, which are more adapted to herd life than to solitude, can also live alone if they are domesticated. The most common characteristics of parrots as a general species are that they are highly demanding and do not like to be left alone. In fact, it is not as difficult to communicate with these parrot species, which are curious, very open to learning and intelligent creatures.

General Characteristics of Alexander Parrots

This bird species originated in India. They can be seen in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as in Turkey.

They can grow between 45 and 60 cm in length on average and are considered to be one of the largest parrot species.

This parrot, which usually has green feathers, can also have red feathers on its wings. On the neck there is a black band and pink feathers. The tail feathers can be green or blue depending on their genetic factors. Their tails are green, but the tips are yellow. Their beaks are colored in shades of red. Their eyes are yellow.

Females do not have a black band on their neck. In this way, their most distinctive sex-discriminating feature is the black bands on their neck.

As well as being a very intelligent bird, they can learn and speak a lot of words.
If they are attached to their owners, they love them very much and give them a lot of attention.

This parrot species is more resistant to cold weather conditions than other parrot species.
They are one of the long-lived parrots in terms of lifespan. On average, they can live for more than 30 years if they are well cared for.

In nature, they usually live in flocks and build their nests in tree hollows.

Alexander Parrot Care Process

This parrot species is very easy to epitomize and teach because of its intelligence, and it is a bird species that prefers to talk a lot among parrot species. From an average age of one year, you can start to make them talk easily as their intelligence develops. Between the sexes, male cockatiels are able to learn more and more words than females. But the females are very eloquent in terms of speech. Both males and females of this parrot species can speak, and they are both good at imitating human voices and love to do it. When you try to teach them something, they master the training process in a very short time and they are very attached to their owners and show them constant affection. Since their natural habitat is to live in herds, they do not like to be alone and always want to live next to their mate or owner. Since they love physical contact, they much prefer to be constantly petted and stroked by their owners.

This is one of the most suitable parrot species for keeping at home. Alexander parrots enjoy feeding on this type of food, as it is the seeds of fruit seeds, which are one of the types of food found in nature. In addition to ready-made bird food, you can give them healthy cereals such as corn and oats, as well as vegetable and fruit leaves and berries in a controlled way.
Since this parrot species with a strong jaw needs to gnaw, they can damage the items in your home if toys that they can chew enough are not bought. To make their meals fun, put treats in their toys that they can eat and they will be happy and enjoy it. Contrary to popular belief, this cute parrot species does not get along well with pets other than other bird species and can behave dangerously towards them.

Alexander parrots are freedom-loving and flocking birds that will not stay in a cage for long periods of time and will want to get out. For this reason, if you have a Macaw, you should let it go outside for a few hours a day and spend time inside the house. Although this parrot species is very attached to you and is unlikely to escape, windows should be kept closed in case it escapes through the window. This fun and friendly species can be your companion and live as your friend for many years if they are properly cared for by their owner.

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Gray parrot prices 2023

Gray parrot prices 2023

The number of Gray Parrots is increasing day by day in our country. These parrot species, which are very popular in our country, are both very enjoyable to feed at home.

This parrot species is also known as the Grey African parrot, and they usually live in their natural habitat on the Ivory Coast and Principe Islands. When gray parrots receive attention from their owners, their jaws drop and they talk a lot. As long as you show interest in this parrot species, their loyalty to you will increase.

African Grey Parrot Care

In this parrot species, care should be taken to ensure that the food they eat is fresh and they should never be given too much food and water.

It is recommended to give cool and fresh water whenever possible.
Since they feed on fruit trees in line with the opportunities provided by their natural habitat, giving sliced pieces of fruit to this parrot species can make them feel like they are in their natural habitat and make them happy.

This parrot species is not used to dark environments. This can frighten them and cause them stress. They will be comfortable living in an environment that is not too cold and dimly lit.

Since this parrot species can gnaw the cables of the items that can be found in your home, it would be good for you not to leave items and products around that they can damage.

Gray Parrot Training

Gray parrots are birds that love love and attention. If you keep in touch with them, they will show love towards you. If you reward them with food whenever possible, their loyalty to you will increase, making it easier for you to provide the training you want.

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Cockatoo Parrot Prices 2023

Cockatoo Parrot Prices 2023

Today, pet feeding rates are increasing day by day and for this reason, people’s interest in parrot species continues to increase. The Cockatoo Parrot, which is of great interest to people, is among the bird species that are very friendly to people. This parrot species is native to Australia and the southern parts of the Pacific islands.

Although there are 17 different species of cockatiel parrots, the most common among humans in general is the cockatiel parrot. Considering the general characteristics of cockatoos, they are clearly similar to each other. In this way, Cockatoos create very positive results for their owners.

Cockatoo Parrots Characteristics

This parrot species is very active, playful and affectionate. They spread joy to their owners in their environment. This bird species, which is very fond of its natural habitat, should be kept in large cages in order to adapt to its natural habitat. They also love to play with toys. When they are bored, they can get stressed and bored. They are known to be very freedom-loving and curious creatures. For this reason, they like spending time with their owners much more than in their cages.

One of the most well-known characteristics of cockatoos is their habit of gnawing. If possible, they should not be left alone at home and should be under control. Buying toys for them to play with so that they don’t damage your belongings will minimize the damage they can cause to the environment. This parrot species, which is also characterized by jealousy, can exhibit harsh and aggressive behavior if they are jealous of their owner from other parrots. In large families, it is important that as much attention is given by everyone as possible.

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Budgerigar prices 2023

Budgerigar prices 2023

Budgie are among the most preferred bird species by people in our country. Known for being friendly birds, they are also very suitable for keeping as pets in a home environment. Budgerigars were bred in Australia but have become one of the bird species whose care has become quite widespread in our country.

This bird species can live in warm habitats, is completely harmless and is as prone to talking as a parrot. Spending time with them when you are bored will make them happy and their loyalty and interest in you will continue to grow day by day.
The colors of budgerigars are usually blue and green and can be yellow. With their shiny feathers and small, mobile bodies, they will be great companions for you. Male budgies are louder and more active than their female counterparts. They do not like to be alone and do not like lack of attention. They like to spend as much time with you as possible. It really takes patience to teach budgies to say things. These birds can learn between 3 and 9 months depending on their growth span. In addition, budgies between 3 and 5 years of age are more educated and have more ability to say words.

If you constantly repeat the words you want the budgies to say during growth, they will start to follow you after a while.

Budgerigar Life Spans

The life span of budgerigars varies between 6 and 88 years on average. This bird species, which should maintain a healthy and quality life, is known to live an average of 88 years. Unaccustomed to cold and extreme temperatures, these animals need to be kept in mild conditions and fed adequately in order to survive for a long time.

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Pakistani Parrot Prices 2023

Pakistani Parrot Prices 2023

Pakistani parrots fascinate people with their beaks and colors. In Turkey, they are among the species that are preferred to be cared for and loved by people. There are 27 parrot species found in Pakistan. Pakistani parrots have the intelligence of a toddler. This parrot species has great vocal abilities and funny movements. They are usually affectionate and loyal to the people around them. The overall coloration of this parrot species is predominantly green. Depending on their species, their colors may vary. This parrot species lives mainly in the southern part of Pakistan, but also in South America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Parrots living in this region are brought to Europe by bird traffickers and from there they come to our country.

Alexander Parrot Characteristics

The most distinctive features of these affectionate parrots are the yellow and red feathers on their heads. With yellow and red feathers, Pakistani parrots are more mobile and more prone to talking than other species. Pakistani parrots can make a lot of noise when they are nervous and aggressive.

When it comes to caring for a Pakistani parrot, your priority should be to get information from people who have experience in caring for this animal and decide accordingly. The social life of Pakistani parrots is full of loyal and affectionate friendships in accordance with their energy. While they are good at interacting with people, they can also be restless, jealous and stubborn due to their temperamental nature.

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Cockatiel Parrot Prices 2023

Cockatiel Parrot Prices 2023

Cockatiel parrots are a species of parrot belonging to the cockatiel family. The most important feature of this parrot species, which usually stands out with its gray and yellow colors, has crests on its head just like a rooster. Cockatiel parrots, one of the intelligent and friendly birds, are among the bird species that are highly preferred by people and in our country.

This bird species has different characteristics for males and females compared to other bird species. Especially the male ones are very good at imitation. Another reason for the popularity of cockatiel parrots is that they have different skills.

In general, the characteristics of the Cockatiel parrot are as follows;

Their average lifespan is 20 years, but it can vary depending on the conditions they live in.
Their size can be as much as the budgies you have at home, they are usually a little bigger than sparrows and parakeets.

Cockatiels can imitate the human voice much better than other bird species. While this bird species is known for being highly intelligent, they are also very friendly and social animals towards humans.

During the care of the Cockatiel parrot, large and spacious cages should definitely be preferred. This parrot species can become stressed in confined spaces as it likes its comfort. In addition, the food container used should be neat and large, and there should be more than one water container.

You should change the water every two days on average and keep it fresh.

Taking your parrot out of the cage for a few hours a day and letting it breathe will be good for its health and psychological comfort.

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Lovebird Parrot Prices 2023

Lovebird Parrot Prices 2023

lovebird parrots have a structure that often attracts people’s attention with the colors they have. The name comes from the devotion and fidelity of these parrots to their mates. It is very important that the person who will adopt this bird species takes it with his/her partner. There are many subspecies of lovebird parrots. This parrot is much simpler to care for than many other parrot species. Before you adopt a lovebird parrot, it is important to have information about this parrot species.

This parrot species is very friendly and curious. Although it has a social structure, it is recommended to keep it with a pair. If you only want to keep one lovebird parrot, you should not leave it alone as much as possible and focus your attention and focus on it. Otherwise, lovebird parrots can show signs of depression and become aggressive when they are lonely and live without attention. Apart from the fact that it is not difficult to train them, you should be patient while training them, say nice words to them and reward them with treats if possible.

They can bathe themselves with the water in their cages and regain the vibrancy of the color in their feathers. This species of parrot has a very high tone of voice. Because of this, they can wake you up because their sound is louder than that of a canary. If the loud noise bothers you, it would not be the right choice for you to look for a Lovebird.

The average life expectancy of this parrot species is 10 years. Of course, this situation may vary according to the quality of your behavior and look at this parrot.

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Caique Parrot Prices 2023

Caique Parrot Prices 2023

Caique parrots are native to the Amazon Basin of Brazil. This parrot species is very popular thanks to their playfulness and movements. Although this bird species is not very popular in our country, the number of those who prefer it continues to increase day by day. Another name for this parrot species is the recording parrot. The heads of Caique parrots appear to be black in color. The middle of the body is white, the chin and tail are yellow, and the wings can be green depending on the species.

If we talk about the characteristics of this parrot, a healthy Caique parrot weighs an average of 150 to 180 grams. This parrot species is quite short, with an average height of 25 cm. Their lifespan is about 20 years when their care and health are taken into account, but it can reach 40 years when they are cared for under good conditions. Since the Caique parrot is among the parrots that are difficult to distinguish gender, its gender can only be revealed as a result of DNA tests.

Caique Parrot characteristics

This parrot species is among the birds that have the ability to speak and imitate like other parrot species. But their voices are not as loud as whistles and sirens. For this reason, if you want to buy a parrot with the desire to talk, it would be better for you not to be one of the first parrot species you will look at.

They are a species that gets along very well with people and they enjoy showing their love to people.

It is a bird species that can easily adapt and get used to its environment in a short time, not difficult, like jacquo and cockatoo parrots.

They are known for being very energetic and affectionate. They are full of energy and very active.

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Kakariki Parrot Prices 2023

Kakariki Parrot Prices 2023

Kakariki parrots are a wild bird species from New Zealand. Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae is the biological name of this bird, which generally likes wet and cold climates. In general, the entire body circumference of this bird species is completely yellow, while the beak and a certain part of the wings are striped, as well as part of the tail with red colors. The feather color makes it easy to hide in forest areas and on the coast. Their young have very little fur, which can turn from yellow to green over time.

The length of this bird varies between 20-30 cm, while its weight is between 1.5-2 kilograms. It is an endangered bird species because it is not predatory and wild. For this reason, it is known among endangered bird species. Today this bird species is protected.

Kakariki birds live for about 5 to 10 years. It is among the non-talkative parrot species, but it can get used to the family environment in a short time. It is suitable for care by people with small children. Kakariki birds are not loners and enjoy living with their mate. It should be regularly taken out of its cage and allowed to fly for a few hours. They are among the birds that love contact and attention. In the open it is very vocal and loud.

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Senegal Parrot Prices 2023

Senegal Parrot Prices 2023

Senegalese parrots are a species of parrot that live on the African continent. The natural habitats of these parrot species are some African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. They live together in harmony in their natural environment. For this reason, when they need to forage, they prefer to travel short distances to find their food. The colors of the feathers of Senegal parrots are unique. At the same time, they attract a lot of attention because they are quiet and calm bird species. Senegal parrots are very attached to their owners, as they show a lot of love and attention.

Senegal Parrot Physical Characteristics

Senegal parrots have a gray head and cheeks. The back and upper parts are completely green and the chest has an orange tint. Their beaks can be gray or black depending on their maturity.

Senegal parrot Characteristics

These bird species are among the medium-sized bird species among all bird species. Senegal parrots are known for their calmness, silence and affection for people. They are quieter than other talkative parrot species. Since their speaking skills are not well developed, they do not make their voices heard and can only learn a few words.

Senegal parrots are loyal because they are attached to one person. On average, they sleep 10 to 15 hours a day. The life span of this parrot species can reach 25 – 30 years depending on the conditions in which it lives. Depending on the love shown to them, the length of their lifespan can vary.

As for their care, they should be kept in as large a cage as possible and taken out of the cage for a few hours a day. It is very important that this parrot species, which is fond of their freedom, can be comfortable and can be fed a healthy diet.

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Quaker Parakeet Prices 2023

Quaker Parakeet Prices 2023

Monk parrots are one of the smallest parrot species and are intelligent animals that have good relationships with humans. This parrot species is generally preferred by people because of its small size. In general, their height is around 30 cm and their weight is around 120 g.

The natural habitat of this parrot extends from the center of Bolivia to the south of Brazil. Small parrots of this species are known to live in forested areas. Unable to live alone, they are known to form flocks and strong community bonds. Monk parrots usually build their nests side by side in flocks.
Monk parrots are self-reliant and very sociable animals. They are energetic thanks to their highly mobile nature and are often loved by people.

Some are friendly and brave. Monk parrots are among the bird species with a strong ability to speak. They can not only speak, but can even form sentences by stringing together a few phrases. Although the sex differentiation of this bird species can be determined based on physical factors, a DNA test is necessary to get a definitive answer. Since these birds are very active, it is very important that their cages are large and spacious so that they do not live under stress and pressure.

In the cage, you can place toys that will not disturb him, but that he can have fun and have a pleasant time. At least 2 feed boxes and fresh and cool water should be kept in their cages. In addition, they love bathing and getting wet, so it is important that the water is frequently renewed. They can become aggressive when they feel threatened.

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Rosella Parrot Prices 2023

Rosella Parrot Prices 2023

The Rosella Parrot originates from the south of Australia. This parrot breed, which consists of different colored cobinations, does not have a precise color scale. It is one of the most preferred bird species among the parrot family because its care is simpler than other parrot species. Although this bird species resembles budgerigars, it has been removed from this family after a long period of research. Rosella parrots have an average height of 30 to 40 cm. Their life span can vary between 15 and 25 years if they are cared for in healthy conditions and raised with love.

Rosella Parrot care and characteristics

The most important thing to be considered in the care of this species is that it should be parasitized by a veterinarian from the time of purchase. They can carry parasites in their bodies because of their natural environment and where they live. The second thing to consider is to choose a cage suitable for this bird species. This bird species, which is generally aggressive, becomes docile when shown affection and can behave well with you. You can put branches inside the cage and make it feel like it is in its own habitat.

In its natural habitat, this species digs for food. You can feed them at home using parrot feed sold outside. Rosella parrots are among the parrot species that are unlikely to speak. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to speak because their education is very difficult. They like to move freely on their own. Although they do not have a disturbing voice, it is more meaningful that they make whistling and similar sounds rather than making them talk.

Since Rosella Parrot prices can vary, it would not be right to say anything definite. You can learn the current Rosella parrot prices by getting detailed information from the places where you can reach this parrot.

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Eclectus Parrot Prices 2023

Eclectus Parrot Prices 2023

Eclectic parrot species with a visually fascinating appearance are very popular. Parrot species, which manage to impress bird lovers thanks to their features, are a variety that has made a name for itself with their excellent speaking abilities and feathers. However, you may need a lot of patience and time to get your hands on this bird species. Their lifespan is usually thirty years, but they can live up to fifty years.

Of course, this depends on good care and a healthy lifestyle. As beautiful as these bird species are, it is recommended that experienced adopters and caregivers take charge. This is because the characteristic and physical features of eclectus parrots can be challenging. Eclectic parrot prices with such features can be determined by many factors such as the general characteristics of the bird, feather color, age factor.

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Macaw Parrot Prices 2023

Macaw Parrot Prices 2023

Macaw parrot, one of the bird species that people love and want to feed, is highly preferred. With their colorful feathers and large beaks, they are among the remarkable creatures. The homeland of these extraordinarily beautiful birds is South America. Unfortunately, these creatures, which have a life span of up to thirty years, are in danger of extinction. This bird species, which is among the parrot species that are not recommended for sale because it is endangered, is both rare and macaw parrot prices differ among themselves according to the size of the health feather.

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Alexander Parrot Prices 2023

Alexander Parrot Prices 2023

Alexander parrot prices, one of the most popular bird species, are among the most curious details. This type of parrot, which is a type of bird that they can include in their lives that will not be a problem both for easy care and nutrition, varies in price according to the breed and age of the parrot. When this bird species is wanted to be purchased as a baby, the price varies accordingly, as it has the ability to learn more easily and has a better ability to learn and imitate. While the birds you have will be with you both as friends and pets, it is possible to find such animals in pet shops and online stores.

This easy-care bird species is also suitable for keeping at home. Iskander Parrot has no feather problems and is very suitable for home use. Once they get used to their owners, they can be quite docile. These birds love attention and want their owners with them all the time. Otherwise, they may become irritable. These birds, which begin to speak at eight and twelve months of age, easily grasp the teachings. Men are more capable of learning.

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Conure Parrot Prices 2023

Conure Parrot Prices 2023

The conure parrot species is known as an active bird. It has a structure that attracts with its movement and playfulness at the same time. In general, they like mealtimes and times to hang out with people they like. These parrot species are known for being bold and funny as well as having a range of colors and equally colorful. With this feature, it is included in many kinds of parrot groups. Depending on the type, it varies between twenty-five and fifty centimeters. The habitat of the cockatiel is known as South America. These bird species are recommended to be kept in large-scale cages that offer the opportunity for play and exercise. It is also advisable to keep nutrients in the cage for chewing. These very playful and cute birds are sometimes known to be noisy. Games are needed to keep them busy throughout the day. Konur parrot prices vary among themselves according to all kinds of factors such as feather size health physiological structure as in every parrot species.

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lori parrot prices 2023

Lori Parrot Prices 2023

The Lori Parrot is a bird species called a chattering parrot. Some people call the Lori parrot rainbow Lori or rainbow bird. The reason for this is that it has colorful feathers. This medium-sized parrot species is a structure that can reach a length of thirty to forty centimeters when it opens its wings. The Lori parrot has an affectionate character. He plays all sorts of pranks to get attention. This is a very sociable bird that loves to spend time and communicate.

However, the most distinctive feature of these bird species is that they cannot breed with others of their own kind. For that reason it is not recommended to put them together with other parrots. This species of bird has a sharp intelligence, which contributes to its easy escape from anything it sees as a danger in the wild. Again, as in every parrot species, the factor affecting the Lori parrot prices in this species is the feather structure education and health issue preferred by the person.

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Amazon parrot prices 2023

Amazon Parrot Prices 2023

The amazon parrot, which is kept as a pet, has different abilities and characteristics. Easily adapting to the cage environment, these bird species can also distinguish themselves with their mimicry and skills. With their ability to memorize a large number of words, many people prefer these bird species in their homes and workplaces.

These birds can live up to forty years on average and vary between thirty and thirty-five centimeters in length. These Amazon parrots, which are mostly distinguished by their colors, also have a wide range of food sources. It can live on a variety of different fruits, green foods, wheat oats, parrot seeds, insect larvae and many other foods. These birds, which are in the most special pet category, especially green foods are among their favorites.

For Amazon parrot prices, people should do a detailed and comprehensive research and get information about bird species from the most experienced and experienced petshop or stores. It is advisable to compare prices to get the best and healthiest bird species. Otherwise, the desired result cannot be achieved.

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Kakapo Parrot Prices 2023

Kakapo Parrot Prices 2023

Kakapo birds are known for their flightlessness and are pale-faced birds that resemble owls living in the forest. This bird species has a very low fecundity. More recently, conservationists have been careful to use artificial insemination to minimize genetic loss while controlling matings. This bird species varies between fifty-nine and sixty-four centimeters in length and weighs between two and four kilograms. Unlike other birds, they have a light body structure and tend to have a lot of body fat.

Kakapo birds breed in the summer and fall months, but it has been observed that they breed only when fruits are abundant. Kakapo parrots are not sold much because they are endangered. When wrapped, it is among the parrots with a very high price. At the same time, these flamboyant and large birds are among the factors that affect the price. Many more factors are included in the price and you can talk in detail about kakapo parrot prices with experienced people who sell this parrot.

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2023 Parrot Price List

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Kakadu Papağanı Fiyatları 2023 ne kadar?
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Macaw papağanları 2023 yılında 45.000₺ ile 60.000₺ arasında değişmektedir.
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Monk papağanları(keşiş paraket) yeni yılda 2023 yılında 5.500₺ ile 7.000₺ arası sahiplendirme yapılacaktır. Sahip olacağınız monk papağanları hakkında detaylı bilgiye web sitemizden ulaşabilirsiniz.
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Sevda papağan fiyatları 2023’de öngördüğümüz sevda papağanları fiyatları 400₺ ile 800₺ arasında değişmektedir.
Pakistan Papağanı Fiyatları 2023 nedir?
Pakistan papağan fiyatları 2023 yılı içerisinde üretici ve petshop mağazalarında 7.000₺ ile 12.000₺ arasında değişecektir. Bu değişimler hızlı bir şekilde yükselen enfalsyonla birlikte üreticinin kullandığı yem, ialç ve birçok ürünün hızlı fiyat yükselişi bu fiyatlara çıkmasına yol açmıştır.
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Konur papağanları yüksek seslere sahiptirler ve sürekli yüksek bir tonla öterler. Bu özeliğini göze alarak satın almanız gerekir. Konur Papağanı Fiyatları 2023 yılı içerisinde 4.000₺ ile 6.000₺ arasında değişiklik göstermektedir.
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