Parrot Species, Parrots

Parrot Species

Parrot is a bird species living in warm places with bright feathers. The parrot is a good climbing bird. The known forms of parrots today are the talking species. Since parrots are creatures that can speak by imitation, they are birds that attract great attention in the world due to their characteristics and are kept as pets.

The Lives of Parrots

Parrots behave very calmly both while feeding and resting. The general habitat of parrots is trees. Parrots, who have the ability to memorize and repeat human voices and some melodies, can be fed in cages at home. Bark or similar things should be placed in the cages of parrots that are fed in the cage so that they can gnaw. Parrots make their nests in tree cavities in the natural life. They also live in rock crevices. Parrots are fed with flower buds and fruit seeds as food.

Major Parrot Species

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