Green Parrot Colonies in Istanbul

Green Parrots Inhabited Istanbul!

Green parrots, which were seen in only a few parks in previous years, are now seen in almost all parks and gardens. These parrots, which slowly settle in Istanbul in crowded flocks, were actually seen only in 3 city parks, namely Fenerbahçe Park, Yıldız and Ihlamur Pavilion Park a few years ago, but now they can be found in the streets and parks of almost every district. Of course, although the two most important reasons are mentioned as the reason for this, the result can be disastrous regardless of the reason.

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What is the reason for the reproduction of green parrots?

Bird watcher Kerem Boyla, who mentioned the reason why Green Parrots multiply in Istanbul, explains the reasons as follows:
Green Parrots are one of the birds that can be seen in parks until 5 years ago. However, one of the first reasons why they talk so much right now is that these animals in the cage, which are banned from Customs, are released by the officials. The parrots, whose cages are opened and released, fill the parks.

Another reason is that the parrots escaped from there as a result of their overturning due to unexpected reasons while being brought behind the lorry and truck. This perhaps does not appear to be a disaster. Of course, it is nice for animals to live in nature, but these parrots, who love the cypress and plane trees planted in the cities, can disrupt the urban order by making their dwellings there.

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Where is the original home of the green parrot? & Where Did the Green Parrots in Istanbul Come From?

Green Parrots love the tropical climate. Parrots, which are usually found around India and Pakistan and whose homeland is these two cities, have now escaped from cages and started living in urban areas. As seen in Istanbul, it is also frequently encountered in foreign cities such as Amsterdam, California, Londonand the like.

In fact, the only thing that is feared here is that they will disrupt the order of the city. Because every animal has its own order. For example, birds nesting on trees now leave their nests to green parrots. Likewise, green parrots, who love cypress and plane trees, started to invade the squirrels’ places. For this reason, it is said that the only problem is the deterioration of the city order.

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Characteristics of Green Parrots

These parrots, which have a green color, have a red beak and a black ring mark on their necks. However, these colors are mostly found in adult males. Because this black ring is not very common in females and immature males. This species, which usually lives in the Indian region and the sahel region of Africa, is also very suitable to be a pet. They are taken to every country and region to be sold in cages, as they even learn to speak by training over time. This species, which is very popular and fed in cages at home, does not migrate on its own.

The City They Most Settled In Istanbul

The words of Associate Professor Doctor Esra Per, head of Turkish parrot censuses, one of the bird researchers, are as follows. Unfortunately, these parrots, with their number of almost more than 10 thousand in Turkey, have entered into a dormitory race with bats, crows and squirrels. While the city they mostly settle in is Istanbul, then they are more common in Izmir. There is no problem at the moment, but if they continue to increase in this way, there may be a problem.

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