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Deli Nature Canary Food 25 Kg

Deli nature brand is a brand originating in Belgium. It comes from the infrastructure of Beyers, which is also world-famous. It produces feed specially for birds. The products are 100% organic and do not contain any additives. There are various feed options, depending on the age and type of birds. It is a brand with a wide product catalog.

Specially produced feeds are put on the market after being specially packaged with highly developed possibilities. The packages are not touched in any way and they are packed with special techniques. Produced feeds are passed through certain test stages and a quality control test is performed.

Deli nature canary feed 25 Kg is one of the most preferred feed types. Canaries in their special period; In other words, if these feeds are given during periods such as estrus, spawning and mating, this type of process can be easily passed.

Deli Nature Canary Food 25 kg

Deli Nature Canary food 25 Kg Specifications

  • It contains all the vitamins necessary for Canaries.
  • It contains phosphate.
  • There are flax and hemp seeds.
  • Nigerian seed was used.
  • There are various types of oats.
  • It is rich in minerals.
  • It is good for the intestinal system of canaries.

Deli Nature Canary Food

What is the Use of Deli Nature Canary Food 25 Kg?

Deli Nature Canary Food 25 Kg can maintain its freshness for a long time thanks to the special packaging it is made.

The most important feature is that canaries play an important role in their development. Thanks to this feed, canaries become healthier and grow faster.

Canaries, like other birds, are birds with a sensitive structure. In other words, they can be affected very quickly and get stressed. When they are stressed, canaries close in on themselves, do not want to eat food and do not even drink water in this process. With Deli Nature canary food 25 Kg, even such special situations can become problem-free. Even if the birds are stressed and unhappy, they eat their food when they are hungry and their eating and drinking conditions are not affected.

In this way, canaries become livelier, more cheerful and healthier.

Deli Nature Canary Food

How to use Deli Nature Canary Food 25 Kg?

This feed should be given to the canaries in moderation. In other words, each canary should be given a feed of approximately 10-12 grams. Again, there must be fresh water next to the bait.

The shells of the feed the birds eat should be cleaned daily and new feed should be given every day. In this way, the diet of canaries will be more regular and healthy. Birds love fresh water as well as feed. Particular attention should be paid to this issue.

Deli Nature canary food 25 Kg is also sold on various internet sites. Its price is around $18. In direct proportion to its price, it provides a very good performance and contribution. The development of canaries given Deli nature canary food is ahead of other birds. They are more lively, cheerful and very bright feathered birds.

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