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Yellow-Necked Amazon

Yellow-Necked Amazon Parrot (Amazona Auropalliata)

We take animals into homes so that those who live alone at home or have a friend at home and our children get used to the love of animals. Among these dreams, cats and dogs are the most preferred birds, even if they are fashionable. Now, we will talk about a bird species that has wrong information about these birds, but actually has a lot of features. Parrots, which are the largest among these servants and have the conditions of location, will be a great friend for us at home. The following are general information that should be known about the characteristics of these friends. Although these birds average between 25 and 50 cm, the idea that every parrotspeaks is a completely wrong perception.

yellow-necked amazon parrot for sale

On one misconception with this, parrots all live very long. Yes, parrots live a good life, but there is no perception that they all live a hundred years. There are parrots that live 20 years. For these parrots, the yellow-necked amazon parrot is the longest-living parrot that speaks very easily. Along with many features of our parrot, its color has a very nice appearance with the yellow detail on its green neck. These birds have a lot of word adhesion as a word memory. This word awareness allows the birds to use other words again and these sweet birds can also chat a few words with us. Therefore, this bird species, which we see as a common bird in people’s homes, appears as this bird species, now let’s deal with this bird in more general terms.

yellow-necked amazon parrot

Yellow-Necked Amazon Parrot Characteristics

This parrot is different from its species in general. Let’s give you more detailed information about the differences above. Although the average length of these birds is between 30 and 40 cm, this size has been an ideal spot for them. Since the average life expectancy is 100 years, any information you teach her can remain as a history for your grandchildren. Of course, this is the natural life limit. The case where this is misunderstood is that if you don’t take care of the parrot it won’t live very long and it’s not its fault. Let’s give you some information in terms of their speech habits. Although these birds are the best talking parrot species, these parrot species not only learn a lot of words, they are also talented in removing them. This animal is very curious in terms of interest. If you have bought this parrot, you have to show interest and this interest will always make it happy. They will be more attached to you.

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Eating and Cage Features of the Yellow-Necked Amazon Parrot

The yellow-necked amazon parrot is comfortable in terms of the cage, since it does not have a very long size, a wide cage will also work for you to provide better conditions for your animal, but be careful that this cage has a swing, these animals love to swing. In addition, let us give you one more piece of information that these animals also love to play with water. In terms of nutritional habits, these animals have the following characteristics, generally a strong beak and the kernels of varicose nuts in ready-made food. Another good thing about these animals is that they are not very picky about food. Let’s make a short note for you, as these animals like a lot of attention, they also like the song you sing to them and they try to imitate it. If you want to keep a parrot and buy an animal from this species, read our information carefully and decide, this will be the most important point.

yellow-necked amazon parrot characteristics

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