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People who do not like solitude are attracted to bird species to have sound in their homes. Particularly, parrots with developed speech and imitation abilities are the most preferred species to feed at home. Since the prices of Amazon parrotsare affordable in the pet shop, you can buy and feed them whenever you want. Amazon parrots are different types of parrots. It has various unique features. Amazon parrot prices petshop vary, but there is a price that fits every budget.

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What Are the Characteristics of an Amazon Parrot?

Amazon parrots are divided into different species among themselves. There are various species such as yellow-necked amazon parrot, Cuban amazon parrot, yellow-headed amazon parrot, mealy amazon parrot, orange-winged amazon parrot, blue-fronted amazon parrot, yellow-browed amazon parrot, and green-cheeked amazon parrot. The features of each are different. The characteristics of the Amazon parrot are as follows;

Amazon parrots, known as green-cheeked, are generally found in the states of Americaand Texas. He has a red forehead and green cheeks that seem to match his body colour. It has a very cute appearance. Amazon parrots with yellow foreheads are sensitive parrots. Care should be taken against respiratory tract infections.

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After receiving professional training, he/she can manage friendship relations well. Parrots with blue foreheads are highly developed imitation abilities and they are parrots that make a lot of noise. The most suitable parrot species to be kept at home is the orange-winged amazon parrot. They have both small and quiet structures. You can easily find this species, which is often found in nature, everywhere.

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Things to Know About the Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots are the species whose mimicry is the most developed. In general, when all amazon parrot species are considered, green colored species are more common. Although it is known that there are 30 subspecies, there are 9 most known subspecies. A few of these species are found in Turkey and its surroundings and offered for sale on the market. Amazon parrot prices have different prices determined according to each species. If you want to buy amazon parrot species, you can buy the type that is suitable for you by looking at the features that are suitable for you.

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