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Double Yellow Headed Amazon

Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot (Amazona Ochrocephala Oratrix)

Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot

The double yellow-headed amazon parrot is actually not a distant subject to us. However, those who are a little older remember the parrot that says “daddy” in a TV show called ours, and yellow-headed parrots like him are the Amazon breed. Although it is not complete, you will fall in love with these colorful and bright animals when you look at the images on Google. Let’s tell you a little bit about parrots, these mischievous animals that were created to be loved and do everything to make us laugh. Although these animals live in different climates in different continents according to their race status, what do they like in general. They like temperate climate and rainy weather. This is a feature that distinguishes them in the color of our animals, in general, parrots are one color and black and white are predominantly colors. These parrots may be the leading breed among the breeds that are most suitable for home feeding. This breed, which has a very high intelligence and emotional behavior, is smart and very inclined to learn. Another characteristic of our parrots is that they make us fall in love once again with their baboon movements and sweet talk. It is true that these animals are easier to feed and cage conditions than others. These animals, which are kind of small, are slightly larger than the lovebirds and smaller than some poops, but have a medium size. While these birds are a strange friend for you, let us introduce you to your b friends even better.

Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot Characteristics

The biggest difference or feature of these parrots is that they will not tire you as much as other parrots and they are faster at gaining sexual identity. These parrotsgo through puberty, but they get through it easily. This prevents you from encountering an angry parrot. Parrots love the months of March and March like cats, this yellow-headed amazon loves it like they do, and starts shouting because he wants to sexually mate from March until May, how will you calm him down with a parrot voice from the phone and PC, he will calm down and become smarter this period. In a fight with your parrot, you will have done it amicably. Parrots do not like the cold, but unlike them, the Amazon parrot can live in the cold when you provide the environment, and this parrot loves water very much, moving to others. But this parrot, which is easy to train, does not like to bathe, but also speaks well and can speak a lot of words compared to lovebirds.

Double Blonde Amazon Parrot Cage and Meal Features

Yellow Head Amazon Parrot

While teaching your parrots to speak, make sure that there is a constant sound around them, for example, even in a corner at home, open 3 words as a sound recording and have a sound around them when you are away.

Although these animals are suitable in both wide square and long oval cages, you should choose a cage with a swing, and the cages should definitely be drinkers, which is a bit costly because these animals love to play with water, and if you have a place in your house, you can have them in a cage that you can carefully make out of built-in concrete or wood. If you have the opportunity to provide an environment, you will have a friend who will be your best friend for 50 years, he knows what you have done for him and his return is love. This parrot, which has the same nutritional habits as other papa pagans, can be fed well with shelled and ready-made feeds with our interest. Let’s say our opinion for you so that before the ready feed, see whichever feed the animal likes, make this feed for them in a mixed way and prepare it so that the animal will be happier and you will be happy.

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