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Sulfur Cockatoo

Sulfur Cockatoo (Cacatua Sulprea)


  • Cacatua sulphurea sulphurea(Gmelin 1788)
  • Cacatua sulphurea djampeana(Hartert 1897)
  • Cacatua sulphurea occidentalis(Hartert 1898)
  • Cacatua sulphurea abbotti(Oberholser 1917)
  • Cacatua sulphurea parvula(Bonaparte 1850)
  • Cacatua sulphurea citrno-cristata(Fraser 1844)

Living Areas

The main species, Cacatua sulphurea sulphurea, is native to the large sundain Celebes island and to Butung island in the Southeast part that lies close to it. 6 subspecies are found in the Republic of Indonesia. Since they were taken to Singapore by humans on time, they also live here. They like to be close to residential areas, as well as being suitable for living areas with a maximum height of 500 meters. Apart from these, they also live in the inner parts of closed forest areas.

Nutritional forms in their natural habitats:

From fruits and seeds unique to the region; From hazelnut, peanut, walnut types; consists of blackberries and the buds of leaves. In addition, they also eat insects and their larvae, especially when feeding young.

Reproduction Types:

Although they are known to breed in December, their main breeding season is September and October.

Incubators; Makes 3 or 4 eggs. The incubation period is about 24 days. Even if the cubs start flying in 65 or 65, they leave the parents for the next 3 or 4 weeks in terms of mother and father.

Sulfur Cockatoo Appearances;

They are about 30 cm in size. Their life span is 40 – 60 years. Male and female are the same in appearance, their main color is white. There are also yellowish tones close to white. The cheeks have yellow spots. The combs (hats) on the head are lemon yellow inside the comb, but when the comb is slanted, the outer feathers are white because it is white. There may be a small part of yellow tufts under the snow in the trousers on the feet. They have large dark gray beaks close to black. The eye circles are bare hairless and white ringed. Gender separation can be evident from eye color. The iris of the eyes in males is dark brown, close to black, and in females it is more reddish brown.

Young and young birds are in pale yellow tones. These yellow tones become clear when they reach about 4 years of age. It is possible to tell from dark gray eye colors. Eye color in female puppies and youngsters turns pale yellow when they reach the age of 2, and then turns reddish brown.

Pet Sulfur Cockatoo Parrots:

They are among the preferred cockatoo species. It is a very talented breed with good learning abilities. Since they have a very strong and strong beak structure, it is useful to keep them away from wooden items in the house. Because they can turn them into sawdust in a short time.

They cannot be comfortable in a cage environment. Because it is a very active species. For this reason, it is recommended to look at wider keels. When cared for at home, they should be given the opportunity to fly frequently.

They need a lot of attention. The most obvious aspects are that when they feel that they are indifferent, they shout extremely loudly and display aggressive attitudes. They are very easy domesticated species close to humans and learn easily. In particular, they can imitate sounds as well as words. It is a very playful and curious species, although it has a timid approach to new objects at first, it also has the feature of adopting and accepting them over time.

An Example of the Sulfur Cockatoo Imitation Trait

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