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Clever and Cute White Parrots

The white parrot is a bird species with white color found in the region covering the Solomon Islands from the Malacca Peninsula and Australia. Also known as “White Cockatoo”. There are many types of white parrots, small and large. Each type of white parrot has its own characteristics. The fur of this pure-colored animal is bright and white. Their size is larger than normal birds. Since their color is white, air pollution in their natural environment and the lack of cleanliness in their environment have reduced the attractiveness of their colors, including pet parrots. If it is kept well-groomed, its lively bright white feathers are eye-catching. Animals in hot regions meet their nutritional needs with various plants, fruits, vegetables and animal feeds.

White Parrot Breed and Characteristics

The white parrot is a kind of affectionate, soft characteristic with its color that is the symbol of purity.
It is an animal with strong beaks that crushes and eats nuts, finds and extracts roots and likes to consume insects underneath.

They live in agar cavities or on branches in forests. Their ability to speak is not good. They can make various sounds. It is a type of parrot that asthma patients should stay away from because they create dust by beating their feathers and wings with their moods. Average life span is about 60-90 years. It loves affectionate interaction, pets are the closest parrot species to form friendships with their owners. They have very curious and playful abilities. Gnawing things is a great need for them. Since their beaks are very strong, if they do not have enough toys and a playground is not created for them, they can gnaw anywhere they find when left inside the house.

If they lack nutrients and their needs are not met, the consequences can be disastrous.

White Parrot Species

These parrots, which symbolize innocence with their appearance, need to be adopted when they are young for their education. Although they are friendly, their speaking ability is limited. They have better grasping power in learning reflection sounds because they imitate the sounds of the musical instruments they hear well. They can say short words in a babbling style. But it is difficult to understand. When they get used to where they are, they can stand still when the cage is taken out. It is generally a harmless animal. If their needs are met regularly, they can stand still with a calm disposition.

White Parrot Prices

We show the sulfur cockatoo parrots, which belong to the white cockatoo family, as an example. According to the data we received in many places, the sulfur cockatoo, that is, the white parrot, varies in price according to the parrot breed, feather, health, care and appearance. White parrot prices vary between a minimum of 10.000$ and 15.000$.

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