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What Do Lovebirds Eat?

What Does a Lovebird Eat?

Just like Budgerigarsin nature, they are fed with flower and plant seeds, sunflower seeds (unsalted seeds we know), green leafy vegetables and fruits. Packaged food prepared for budgies as ready-made foodis also suitable for your lovebird, but ready-made food alone is not sufficient for feeding. They should be given fresh fruits and vegetables every day to ensure that they receive the vitamin in this way. All fruits are acceptable, but should be offered in small quantities to avoid diarrhea due to their high water content.

What Does a Lovebird Eat?

In addition, fruit seeds must be removed as they will have a toxic effect. The mixture that can be given daily can be in the form of niger, millet, flax seeds, oats, apples, bananas, oranges, apricots, peaches, grapes, depending on the season. Green and red peppers, broccoli, dandelion, peas, celery, corn, green beans can be given from vegetables.

Lovebird Bait

An adult lovebird can also be fed nuts, peanuts (without the shell), walnuts, cooked chicken, fat-free and salt-free cheese, nonfat yogurt, cooked eggs, rice, low-sugar low-sodium cereals, and more. As we said before about the budgerigar, avocado, chocolate, apple seeds, which can cause death with their toxic effects, should never be given. Foods high in fat and salt should be avoided.

In addition, it is necessary to have beak stones (squid bone) that provide mineral supplements in their cages.

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