Crested Budgerigar

The budgerigars, which have the most interesting appearance among the budgies, are called the crested budgerigar. These birds sometimes have an abundant, sometimes less, and sometimes completely bald appearance on the top part of the bird. This is the case because these birds mate with other types of budgerigars.

Crested budgerigars, a bird species preferred by those who breed budgerigars in our country or those who keep birds at home, have a more remarkable feature than other birds. Crested budgies are extremely cute and active budgies. In this respect, it creates bird breeds that are suitable for growing in homes happily.

Crested Budgie Characteristics

Crested Budgie Characteristics

If you want to raise Crested Budgerigars in your homes, it is important to learn about the Crested Budgerigar characteristics. These birds are extremely beautiful and active birds. These birds, which also adapt to the home environment, have emerged as a result of mating of different breeds. Although crested budgerigars have an interesting appearance, they create a very popular structure with their movements and energetic attitudes. Some crested budgerigars have no feathers on their heads and have a completely bald appearance. These birds have a much more flashy and cute visual design.

Crested Budgerigar Prices

Their movable structure is convenient for them to move in a larger size cage. If you have chosen a medium-sized cage for your crested budgerigar, it would be beneficial to move it around a bit in the room. Crested budgies also love to be talked to. Therefore, this situation should not be neglected. Although the Crested Budgerigar may seem unaccustomed to you at first, after a while, they will move to roam on your finger, hand and shoulder. The most disliked behavior of crested budgies is to extend a piece of wood or a sprig of parsley from the outside of the cage.

Crested Budgerigar Price

Crested Budgerigar Prices

Crested budgerigars are also called blood squash and forelock-crested according to their characteristics. Crested budgerigar prices have a structure that varies according to the characteristics of the bird. These birds have a more energetic nature than other budgies. Especially female birds are more aggressive and dangerous for male budgies. Crested parakeets love to entertain themselves in the cage.

Although they behave a little wildly at first to those who show love, after a while they come into the hands of those who love them. Swinging on their swings, these birds love to eat boiled egg yolks. Of the crested crested, healthy ones can live up to 8 years.

Crested Budgie Price

Crested Budgerigar Price

Crested budgerigars produced by bird breeders by mating different breeds of birds have different prices according to their characteristics. Different images of crested budgies emerge. This situation occurred as a result of the mating of different breeds. The price of the Crested Budgerigar will vary in this regard. Crested budgerigars, whose market has changed in our country, are grown very comfortably at home.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the health of the crested people. Hill people, who have a life expectancy in direct proportion with a healthy diet, should not be exposed to wind and cold at the same time. Crested budgerigars, who love to fly, need to open the cage door from time to time and let them fly. The Crescents, who have to fly in a limited area in the cage, may be unhappy because of this situation. To make them more energetic and happy, it would be a very nice approach to fly them in the room, swipe and talk.

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