Budgie Puppies

Budgerigars are joyous and extremely cute creatures. Budgerigars spend a maximum of 5 or 6 mating periods in a year. After mating, a budgie needs a baby bird where it can easily hide its eggs. The female budgerigar will spend the incubation period in brood to leave her young and will use brood to prevent any harm to her offspring.

Materials such as sawdust, cotton or sand can be placed inside the puppy. However, adding sand has the quality to break the eggs. For this reason, it is the best option to put sawdust inside the budgerigar chicks to protect the eggs. A quality sawdust prevents the eggs from breaking and coming into contact with each other. Today, budgies are also placed inside the nest. In this way, the nests of budgies are cleaned much more easily.

Budgie Nest

Budgie Nest

As a result of the mating of male and female budgies, female budgies will enter the nestto breed. A budgerigar without a nest can even make offspring by itself. For this reason, it is very important to have nests in cages. Nests are usually made of wood and resemble a house look. There are slots placed inside the cages as well as slots that can be attached to the edge of the cage.

With the nesting accessory, the bird will go into the nest and lay incubation on the nest while it is making young. The female bird chicks, which will be comfortable in the nest, incubate on the nest in the nest until they hatch. The nest is generally made of plastic. Napkin pieces, sawdust or mouse litter can be placed inside the nest. Thus, the eggs do not have the risk of breaking by touching each other.

Budgie Nest Construction

Budgie Nest Construction

The indispensable part of the mating period of budgerigar cages is nests or hatchlings. These pieces are usually made of wood or wood. Making a budgerigar nest is not a very difficult task. Wooden boards are sufficient for this. It is of great importance that the female birds are comfortable during the mating periods of budgerigars. For this reason, you can make a house-like nest on the inside or outside of the cage. You can breed budgerigars by making a nest that you can hang in a cage.

What to Put in a Budgie Nest

What Is Put In The Budgie Nest?

The nests used inside the budgerigar cages are designed for the birds to incubate comfortably. In the past, sawdust or small grasses were placed in the nest. The purpose of placing these grasses or sawdust was to prevent the eggs from crashing into each other and breaking. Although female budgies try to protect their eggs, there is a risk of breaking the eggs in the nest when they touch or hit each other. Those who want to prevent this situation ask the question of what to put in the budgerigar nest. It is not correct to put parsley and mint on the cob inside the nest.

These cobs that damage the eggs will also cause a bad odor. For this reason, only sawdust or fine sand was placed in the nest or nest. Nowadays, nests are placed in the nest. Thanks to the nest, the risk of eggs cracking and breaking is prevented. The nests in the nest are made of plastic. The nests, which can be removed and washed whenever you wish, make the female budgie comfortable and prevent damage to the eggs.

At the same time, you can put napkins or sawdust inside the nests to make them more comfortable. This will make the nest more comfortable and comfortable for the female budgie. It should be large enough to fit into the nested nest, which is designed from plastic. Attention to this detail is essential.

Budgerigar Nest Dimensions

Budgerigar Nest Dimensions

The cage sizes of those who breed budgerigars are quite large. Budgerigar nest sizes to be placed in these cages may be slightly larger than normal. However, for those who own budgies for domestic purposes only, a small sized nest will suffice if the nest is to be hung inside the cage.

It will be sufficient to put a nest in the nest that only the female budgie can enter. The nests in which the birds will enter and incubate are materials that can be attached from the margin of the cage. Thus, it will not take up space in the cage and will not narrow the male bird’s flight and movement space. In this sense, the slots should be in a suitable size for the cage size.

Budgie Nest

Budgie Nest

In order for the budgerigars to incubate comfortably in the nest, a nest is placed in the nest today. With the use of the budgerigar nest, the female budgie is incubating comfortably. While it is easier for the eggs to open in the nest, there is no risk of breaking or cracking. It also makes it easier to clean the inside of the slot. The nest, which is among the budgerigar accessories, is designed in different sizes and features. It is used not only for budgies, but also for canaries.

The nesting nest, which is easy to use, can be easily placed inside the nest, while pieces of sawdust and napkins can be thrown into the nest. Using a nest ensures easy cleaning of the nest. It is also possible to put the nests, which have the feature of being easily removed from the nest, to the place where they are removed. While the use of hamster sand in the nest is also common, sawdust is the right choice for those who do not want to use hamster sand.

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