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Mealy Amazon Parrot(Amazona Farinosa)

It is true that people have a love for birds, but because this love is ignorant, it prevents us from developing enough of animals, besides, loving and feeding animals is very nice things, and parrots, a species belonging to the extinct bird language family, are the bird species that make us happy. However, people have a complete lack of information about parrots, how can we eliminate this lack of information, and when we help you, you will have information about everything.

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Parrots are animal species that live in New Zealand and Africa and can live in the Americas for generations. These animals are both friends and citizens of the bird family who respect us and make gibbon to make us laugh. Today, we will examine the Mealy amazon parrot, which is a beautiful and impressive parrot, although it is not very well known among parrots, and one of the most important aspects of these parrots is their appearance. This bird has the ability to speak and imitate. However, for those who say that every parrot will talk, a subject is not a word or a style. For us, it is in our hands to make these parrots talk, some learn 5 words and some learn 10 words, but when you show the necessary attention, they will definitely learn. If you look at the breed of these parrots, if they have the ability to speak, get puppies and try, it will be absolute.

Mealy Amazon Parrot Features

The biggest feature of this parrot is its impressive mimicry ability. However, let’s tell them what you can do in order not to open the learning capacity of these parrots. First of all, you have to be patient with these parrots, as an animal, talk to them constantly and start with simple words, remember that it will be difficult to achieve this job if you do not approach them like a baby. Do not forget to listen to music in the next process, the music will leave a breeze in their ears.

Mealy amazon parrot prices

If you catch that bond between you and these animals, the rest will come. You should take care of this parrot, which is not very tall, but has a very strong jaw structure, and it should not be less than 3 hours a day. In addition, these animals are animals that need to be taken care of in terms of food and cage. We will explain the food and cage issues of these animals in more detail. The summary that we will tell you as a feature, if you want a quality parrot, this parrot is for you and it will make you happy. Also, know that it is the work of a patient person, if you feel that you have these features, this bird is cut out.

Mealy Amazon Parrot Feed and Cage

Since the cages should create a home atmosphere for the birds, you should pay great attention to them, especially the cage of such a sensitive bird must be wide, although it is a medium-sized bird, this issue needs to be paid attention to in order for this bird to have wingspan and not feel bad. There should be a playground for those who really care about this job in cages. In addition, the water should not be empty for this animal that loves swings and water in cages.

Mealy amazon parrot

This bird, which is not very picky in eating, has no problem with ready meals. However, the birds are too eager to eat compound feed and shellfish. For these animals that eat in greenery, the excess of greenery is isal and death, so if you can make the decision in your own way, why not. Finally, vitamins are very useful in completing the deficiencies of animals, and if you see a weakness or rapid hair loss in your animal, you can think about using it.

mealy amazon parrot price

Mealy Amazon Parrot Prices

As we mentioned above, Mealy amazon parrots are in the category of extremely playful and highly imitative amazon parrots. Feeding these parrots is quite a laborious and expensive task. Mealy amazon parrots vary in features, abilities, breed and age, and price. Mealy amazon papağanı fiyatları 2.000$ – 10.000$ arasında değişmektedir. The factors that increase the price are age (pup), speaking ability, being healthy in terms of race and appearance are among the main reasons for the change in prices, while the ability to speak increases the price many times over.

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