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Yellow-Faced Amazon

Yellow-Faced Amazon Parrot (Amazona Ochrocephala)

Even though it takes a bit of a laborious job to keep birds at home, the carcasses who do this job will be people who love nature and live more comfortably, we assure you in this regard. Taking care of an animal and a living thing instills a sense of compassion and this feeling never leaves you. In addition to this feeling, there was a situation like this. These birds take in our loneliness, we will give you information about the parrots from the bird family and our main subject, the yellow-browed amazon parrot. Even if these parrots have the ability to speak, there will be a perception that all parrots with this pair can speak, even if a bird language family takes the child. Among the speakers of this bird family, very few speak well and use many words in terms of word structure.

yellow forehead amazon parrot for sale

The yellow-fronted amazon parrot, on the other hand, is a creature that speaks little but can speak. This is a situation that will change depending on your interest, if you buy a parrotpup and take care of it, you will have a talking parrot in the future. However, amazons with yellow foreheads, who love this attention very much, are among the breeds that will respond with love to your attention. And these breeds are also known as playful animals. We will inform you generally about the feeding style, cage size and characteristics of the yellow-browed amazon. In the light of this information, you will have better animal care and a well-groomed animal.

Yellow-Faced Amazon Parrot Characteristics

The general color of this bird is green. These birds are among the medium-sized breeds in the parrotfamily, that is, the middle level is around 30 cm. By the way, parrots are birds that can grow up to 50 cm. This bird, which will be the center of attention for you, is a breed that expects attention from you, and you will take care of it for at least 3 hours a day. What is this interest? Is it like changing food and water to make him talk, just no, listen to music, sing with him, try to improve his vocabulary with simple words. This bird breed has a puberty period like in dogs, but it lives at the age of 3 or 4 in the late variable. Although this is the time when they are angry, these birds can quickly get through this period with your interest. In addition to this, we will explain it to you in a separate heading, which is very important in feeding and cages in these birds. Since these animals have extinction problems, we ask you to take good care of them and never spare your attention.

Yellow-Faced Amazon Parrot Feed and Cage

The cage shape in yellow-fronted amazon parrots is a situation that people especially want to know about people who have just bought this bird. Even though this bird is medium-sized, we definitely do not recommend a narrow cage, since it is an animal that is a little more active than its other sides, if it is comfortable when it spreads its wings. This cage is not narrow. In addition to this, having a swing inside is also an important issue. She will be able to relax in such a cage. However, you can use ready-made baits for feed, and you can also add dried fruits, but think as if you may not like everything about parrots, not everyone likes stuffed meat, but all of them are human.

It is never possible for your bird to faint just because a bird eats it. Siz deneme yanılma yöneteniyle onun sevdiği yemi bulup isteriz karıştırabilir isterseniz de hazır alabilir ve hayvanı ihtiyaçlarını görebilirsiniz. Thank you for being so sensitive and caring for animals.

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