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Blue Headed Ara Parrot

Blue Headed Ara Parrot (Ara Couloni) General Information and Features

As a species, its name is not given due to its characteristics, as in other species, but is a name given to a famous scientist, Louis Coulon (1804-1894). This scientist, who is also the founder of the historical nature museum in Neuchatel, was close friends with the famous ornotologists Tschudi and Sclater, so Sclater named this intermediate species after her.

Also, while categorizing this species, some researchers define it as Prompyrrhura. This is also said as a link between ara parrot or Pyrrhura species. In fact, the same subject is handled in this way in the genre called Ara Maracana.

Blue-Headed Macaw Habitats

An isolated region within the Brazilian triangle, Peru; They live along the Huallaga and Ucayalı rivers, which run through Bolivia and Peru. The information about the real habitats is not known exactly as it is about many features of this species. Because even their presence in Brazil and Bolivia has been proven since 1986. According to the distribution areas that are quite far from each other, between 150 – 1300 m altitude, on the edge of the river and forest, even in heath-like places, in the settlements of people, and in places close to the parts outside the city.

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According to Forshaw (1983), this Ara species is not endangered like many others due to its secluded lifestyle.

In addition to this, Robiller; says that this species is more common in areas close to humans than in common habitats. One of the reasons for this may be the possibility of hiding well away from the eyes thanks to its nature-compatible colors and being a quiet species. However, these features also make it very difficult to follow them in their distribution regions that are not close to the settlement areas and to work on creating species information.

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Colors and General Characteristics of Blue-Headed Macaw

They measure about 40 centimeters. The feather color is predominantly green. The head is blue. Towards the back there are turquoise and green tones. Contrary to what is seen in many Ara species, they are hairless only around the eyes and on the nose. These parts are in a grayish tone. The thorax and abdomen descend from dark green to olive tones. The wing margins, on the other hand, appear in a bluish tone with the outer arm and flying wing colors. The tail feathers change from red (rust) brown like A. auricollis to blue as they go down to the tips. The undertail is a green-yellow shade. Its beak is black but becomes lighter towards the tip. Their feet are tan. the irises of the eyes are yellowish in color.

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Blue Headed Arachnid Diet – What Eats & Drinks ?

Although it lives in areas close to humans, no data are available on this subject. In general, it is said to be fed similarly to other arachnids.

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Breeding Patterns and Incubation Periods of the Blue-Headed Macaw

In fact, there is no exact information on this subject. There is no data. However, according to the unconfirmed information given in “Lexicon Of Parrots”, their brood consists of 3 or 4 eggs at a time. The incubation period takes about 26 days. They incubate at most 2 times a year.

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Caring for the Blue-Headed Arachnid as Pets

Both in species researches and in domestic care and feeding, they are in the group of species that are not very popular, although they are frequently seen near people’s habitats recently.

According to the assumptions, the first production in captivity was carried out in Tajikistan between 1996-1997. Only this is considered illegal production. It is known that they make this production with parrots smuggled into the country through Russia. In the Bird Park in Walsrode, Germany, there is a group that came illegally. The park management aims to produce them in the following years and to reach more information about their general structures.

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