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Ara Parrot Prices

Ara Parrot is a bird species preferred by animal lovers. Those who want to buy this animal are curiously searching for its prices. However, it is not necessary to read pages full of articles for this. Because the prices of ara parrots vary between $20,000 and $50,000. Although it may sound a bit expensive, the price paid is worth it because parrots are friendly animals like humans. But a new and well-maintained intermediate parrot can cost up to 10 billion. In other words, the price range varies according to the initiative of the seller and the features that the buyer is looking for. Of course, if the budget allows, getting a well-kept parrot is always a more alternative solution.

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Ara Parrot Features

There are also those who are curious about the features of Ara Parrot Prices after examining the subject. The Ara parrot came from the swamp forests of South Africa. These animals attract attention with their blue yellow plumage. The habitats where ara parrots are often found; Countries are Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Panama. Of course, they also get the chance to live in other countries, but they live longer in these countries. Since the feathers of these Parrot birds are blue and yellow, they add color to their environment.

Ara parrots can be approximately 70 to 90 cm long. So they look pretty good and big looking. If they are well fed, they can weigh between 1000 and 1500 grams. 1 kilo is a pretty good size for a parrot too. That’s why the arachnid parrot species is one of the largest parrot breeds in the world. In terms of color, the wings and tails are blue, the undersides are golden yellow, the forehead is green, the face is white and the chin is black. Its back is also blue. It has a very colorful appearance.

ara parrots prices

Ara Parrot Skills

Ara Parrot prices are so expensive because these parrot species are talented. Ara parrots have a very strong jaw, and when they bite your finger, you feel a great pain. They don’t have a biting habit, but if they do something they don’t like, they can bite suddenly. People buy parrots as a companion because they can talk. Ara parrots also have the ability to speak quite well. They do not limit themselves to a few words, they can say the same whatever you say. So much so that it is not wise to talk about a private matter with these parrots.

Baby Ara Macaw Price

Ara Parrot species are very intelligent and social animals. As they like sociability, they also enjoy getting into the crowd. In crowded environments, they never get bored and can talk to everyone individually. Because they are smart, they also have a high memory for names. They especially remember the names of their owners and never forget them. They can distinguish between likes and dislikes. For this reason, it is a very preferred bird species.

Animals That Can Be Trained

Ara Parrot species can grasp everything in a short time if they are well trained by their owner. So much so that they can easily say a few words in a row. However, due to their large size and intelligence, training can be a bit of a challenge. Because they have a feature that can not stand still and can cause difficulties in the training phase. However, they can be very docile to those who love their owners. However, once trained, they are very loyal to their owners.

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It is quite easy to feed ara parrots. But it also requires a lot of attention. Eating cereals constantly can cause vitamin deficiency. For this reason, it is necessary to feed it occasionally in fruits and nuts. The parrot should never be dehydrated. Because, just as they like to eat, they also like to drink water because the food they eat makes them thirsty.

Ara parrot prices are among the most expensive parrot species in 2020. Both the feeding producer and the maintenance difficulty also affect its production. It can be difficult to feed and adapt these large parrots, which live in reaction to cage life. In our market research, the prices of ara parrot petshop and producer prices vary between $20.000$50.000. The reason for the large price change in this range is; feather, body, weight, training etc. are general factors.

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