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Love Parrot

There is a confusion of meaning between love parrots or love parrots in our country. Lovebirds; It is included in the group known as the love parrot all over the world. For this reason, we wanted to discuss the love parrots under a broad heading. In this group; There are parrots such as lovebirds, black-winged love parrot, red-headed love parrot, lilian’s love parrot, rose-faced love parrot.

Love Parrot Cage

Love parrots are parrots that are very fond of their mates. This is where its name comes from. It is the right thing to adopt a love parrotas a couple, and this is necessary for the bird to be healthy and happy. Couples spend most of the day taking care of each other. We said that it is appropriate to feed as a couple. However, in those who are fed alone, the bird takes great interest in its owner and expects great attention in return. Their homeland is South Africa.

Love Parrot Species and Lifespan & Lifespan

If we talk about the general characteristics of love parrots, which are 9 different species. They have strong and large beaks, they can be in many different color combinations. Their length is between 12-18 cm on average. They have short and blunt hairs. It is one of the noisy parrot species. They have coarse and violent voices. Speaking skills are not very developed. But with good training, they can repeat some words.

Yellow - Red Two Love Parrots

Love Parrot Care

As we said, it will be better to feed double. Because love parrots are parrots fond of their partners with their voice and they love to live in love. If you are going to feed her alone, you should give her great attention and take care of her. They are quite curious and mischievous birds. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when they roam freely at home. They can damage both themselves and their household items. They usually like to stand on their head and shoulder when their owner is at home.

Love Parrot Food & What Eats?

In their natural habitat, they feed on seeds and fruits. Love parrot care can be fed in the same way as those who are cared for at home. You can use budgie feeds from ready-made feeds. You can supplement with fruits in between.

Love Parrot For Sale & Prices Of Love Parrot

Prior knowledge before adopting a love parrot; If you are a newbie to this business, it would be best to buy a hobbyist love parrot puppies, for those who consider long-term ownership as a hobby rather than a whim, it is the best way to adopt a puppies or, in a rough term, to buy a love parrot for sale. Before adopting a love parrot, the producer must be reliable, clean and healthy puppies must be taken from the parents who are cared for. It would be better to contact the producer of a love parrot and be close to you, because live shipment is normally prohibited and therefore is sent with bus companies. A closed, stuffy environment for hours in a box can stress her out. We would be persecuting a love parrot who has just learned about the baby life. It would be beneficial for you to find and meet a manufacturer in your area. Make sure that the parents who have hatched or are about to hatch are healthy.

Care of the love parrot is a little more troublesome than other parrots. Because it is a hyperactive bird. They are constantly gnawing at things, playing, shouting, etc. As we mentioned above, we recommend you to buy a couple, otherwise, when it is single, it will expect attention from you and if it does not receive attention, stress-related health problems and life expectancy may decrease.

Wenn wir die Liebe Papageienpreise seit 2016 als Grundlage nehmen, haben wir gesehen, dass die Preise jedes Jahr gestiegen sind, weil die Erzeuger je nach Kaufkraft von Futter und Nahrung gestiegen sind. Papageien variieren immer zwischen Alter, Gefiederstruktur, Training und Region oder Rasse.

Lovebird Parrot Prices

Sevda Papağan Fiyatları 2016
Sevda papağan fiyatları 2016 yılında 60₺ ile 70₺ arasında değişmekteydi.
Sevda Papağan Fiyatları 2017
Sevda papağan fiyatları 2017 yılında 70₺ ile 80₺ fiyatları arasında değişmekteydi.
Sevda Papağan Fiyatları 2018
Sevda papağan fiyatları 2018 yılında 90₺ ile 100₺ arasındaki fiyatlarla sahiplendirme yapılmaktaydı.
Sevda Papağan Fiyatları 2019
Sevda papağan fiyatları 2019 yılında 100₺ ile 120₺ arasında değişmekteydi.
Sevda Papağanları Fiyatları 2020
Sevda papağan fiyatları 2020 yılında 120₺ ile 140₺ arasında değişmekteydi.
Sevda Papağanı Fiyatları 2021
Sevda papağan fiyatları 2021’de öngördüğümüz sevda papağanları fiyatları 200₺ ile 500₺ arasında değişmekteydi.
Sevda Papağanı Fiyatları 2022
Sevda papağan fiyatları 2022’de öngördüğümüz sevda papağanları fiyatları 300₺ ile 700₺ arasında değişmekteydi.
Sevda Papağanı Fiyatları 2023
Sevda papağan fiyatları 2023’de öngördüğümüz sevda papağanları fiyatları 400₺ ile 800₺ arasında değişmektedir.
Sevda Papağanı Fiyatları 2024
Sevda papağanları, zarif ve sevgi dolu kişilikleri ile bilinen özel papağan türlerindendir. 2024 yılında, Sevda papağanlarının fiyatları genellikle 700₺ ile 1.500₺ arasında değişmektedir. Bu sevimli ve duygusal kuşları sahiplenmek isteyenler için uygun fiyat seçenekleri sunulmaktadır.
Papağan Cinsi Fiyat Aralığı
Sevda Papağanı 700₺ - 1500₺
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