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Cockatiel for Sale

The cockatiel is a bird species belonging to the cockatoo family, which originated in Australia and spread all over the world after it was brought to the Netherlands in the past. The cockatiel Parrot, whose average lifespan is about 20 years, has many varieties such as Pearl, Grey, Albino, White and is a frequently preferred pet species because it can be easily fed at home. Males have darker orange rings on their heads, while females are paler and lighter.

Cockatiel for Sale

Cockatiels for Sale
The first point to be considered in the care of cockatiels is that they are fed with a partner, as they are social creatures, just like other parrot species. Otherwise, the Sultan Parrot, which is raised alone, may never be domesticated and may display vicious attitudes. In the parrot species, males sing louder and louder as they impress the females with their voices.

What should I pay attention to when buying a cockatiel?
+ Examine the bird you will buy with the others and make sure that it does not have a partner, then take it to a separate cage and wait for it to defecate. Their feathers should be complete and shiny, not fluffy, eyes should be wide open and healthy, no runny nose, both feet should be on the ground, breathing should be calm and normal.

– How much does a cockatiel cost?
+ With an average of 100 according to the region you live in

It is between $130. The price of white beaks may be slightly higher.

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