Parrot Training

How to do Cockatiel & Lovebird and African Grey Parrot Training?

Education is necessary for parrots to reveal and develop their potential. The most important reason for people who prefer to buy parrots in their homes is that parrots are fun and talkative creatures. However, parrots must undergo rigorous training for these abilities to emerge. Of course, hard training does not mean forcing or putting pressure on the parrot. On the contrary, when training the parrot, one should be very gentle and care should be taken to give training without hurting it or disturbing its psychology. Getting support from people who have knowledge and experience on this subject is the best thing to do. In cases where it is not possible to get direct support, taking advantage of the training sets will contribute to the training of the parrots.

How Does Parrot Training Happen?

In order for parrots to be trained easily, first of all, they need to feel that they belong to their environment and the people in that environment. It is very difficult to train parrots without providing a sense of belonging to the environment and the owner, and a sense of trust between them. It will be useful to prepare an environment close to their natural environment for training parrots. Parrots generally do not like to stay in a cage or live in small spaces. If possible, it is necessary to arrange a separate room for the parrot and design the room completely according to its needs. In cases where this is not possible, parrotsshould be avoided in cages; An area consisting of wood, sand and greenery should be established. In addition, a lot of time should be spent with the parrot so that it gets used to its owner or trainer, and it should be kept close to it.

How to Train a African Grey Parrot?

How is African Grey Parrot Training Done?

African Grey Parrots are the most talkative of all parrot species. Thanks to a good trainer, it is possible for them to speak with around 250 words. For this reason, African grey parrots are more trained to speak. Talking kits are very useful in terms of speech training of African grey parrot. When the environment is quiet, the sounds in the sets should be listened to the parrot and learn the words.

Cockatiel Training

How to Train a Cockatiel?

The prominent aspect of the cockatiel is its adaptability to the family environment and its friendly behavior. In addition, cockatielsare very skilled at flying and can stay in the air for a long time without landing. One of the favorite things of cockatiels is playing with toys. For this reason, it makes them happy to offer toys to play with.

How to Train a Lovebird?

How to Train Lovebirds?

Among the parrot species, the lovebirdis one of the weakest in speaking ability. Lovebirds who want a great deal of attention to themselves do not like to live alone. Therefore, if possible, it would be more correct to take them in pairs. Lovebirds, which have a playful character, become fun companions when they are trained in this direction. For the training of lovebirds, it will be of great benefit to apply for training kits or to get support from experts.

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