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Gold Wings Premium Paraket Lure

Gold wings; produces quality bird feeds for cage birds such as budgies, parrots, long birds, canaries, goldfinches and pigeons. It offers specially formulated feeds for birds of all ages and breeds. These are feeds that have the necessary and sufficient vitamins, minerals and nutritional values in order to meet the biological and physical needs of the bird at the maximum level, taking into account the nutritional habits of the bird.

gold wings premium parakeet food 1 kg

Gold wings premium long line feed is produced using first quality fresh raw materials. Special mixtures are obtained by blending the raw materials with certain ratios in accordance with the needs of the long line. The raw materials, which are purified from dust and bacteria in state-of-the-art facilities, are packaged with special packaging systems without human touch. Great care is taken in packaging in order to preserve the long-term freshness of the Paraket baits. gold wings premium parakeet feeds are highly nutritious and easily digestible.

gold wings premium paraket lovebird food

The feeds, which do not cause problems such as indigestion and vomiting, have a taste that birds love. The bait that the parakeets love to eat increases the quality of life of the parrot and ensures a healthy long life. Feeds that support bone development make longhair feathers look more lively and shiny.

gold wings premium paraket cockatiel lovebird food

Gold Wings Premium Paraket Food

Paraket feed is a special mixture that provides a healthy and balanced diet. Formulated in accordance with the natural eating habits of parrots, the feed has all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values that parrots need.

gold wings premium paraket cockatiel bait

First quality raw materials are carefully selected and blended fresh. The special mixture is hygienically packaged with state-of-the-art devices. With the special packaging system, it is ensured that the feed remains the same freshness for a long time. In the content of Gold Wings longline bait; It includes sunflower seeds, sorghum, genetically modified corn, safflower, peanuts, carob, mung beans and pumpkin seeds. All the products in its content are packaged after being purified from bacteria and dust.

gold wings premium paraket food

It has been formulated by blending with the appropriate proportions for the needs of parrots. It is recommended to give the Gold wings longline bait fresh at the rate of 40-50 grams, that is, 4-5 tablespoons, every day, taking into account the longitudinal feed eating situation. In addition to the feed, you must also give fresh water every day. With Gold Wings Paraket food, your parrot will be much healthier. Its feathers will turn into a livelier and brighter, more energetic and more talking parrot.

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