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Deli Nature Canary Food 20 Kg

Deli Nature Canary Food 20 kg Deli nature is a brand produced in Belgium. It has a foundation based on Beyers’, a world-renowned company. So it is a very high quality brand. Deli Nature brand makes a production for birds. The products used are raw materials without processing and are original products without additives.

It has a wide range of products and there are different products for each bird species and age group. One of them is Deli nature canary feed is 20 kg.

Deli Nature Canary Food

Deli Nature Canary Food 20 kg Specifications

  • Deli nature canary food has an extremely high nutritional value and is made from a seed from the wheat family.
  • Starch rate is high.
  • It contains water, salt and carbohydrates.
  • Contains B and A vitamins.
  • The intestines of the birds are easily disturbed, preventing this problem from occurring.
  • It contains a large amount of phosphate.
  • Contains flax and hemp seeds.

How is Deli Nature Canary Feed 20 kg Produced?

Deli Nature canary food is hygienically produced in accordance with the latest technology. The products are absolutely untouched during the production phase and are offered for sale in special packages. Deli Nature canary food meets the daily vitamin and mineral needs of canaries and provides sufficient nutritional supplement. Before the feed is put on the market, it goes through various tests and its quality is measured. Canaries eat 20 kg of deli nature canary food, very fondly.

Deli Nature Canary Bait

Deli nature canary food 20 kg, generally provides support during the mating and egg laying periods of canaries. Birds are very sensitive animals. When they are stressed, they close themselves and do not eat. This feed does not interrupt the feeding of birds, including these periods. Even if the birds are in a closed period, they continue to eat. Canaries that eat mad nature food have more lively, brighter feathers than other birds and display a more beautiful appearance.

Deli Nature Canary Food 20 kg How Should It Be Used?

Deli Nature canary food should be enough for each bird, ie enough for each bird to be fed, approximately 12 grams per bird. Fresh, daily water should always be put next to it, and empty shells should be discarded and replaced with a new one every day. In this way, it will be a more beneficial diet.

Deli Nature canary food is a balanced food. Looking at the comments of the users, it is seen that the areas are very satisfied and praised. Deli Nature feeds are generally sold on many sites over the internet. If you want to buy from a shop, it can be obtained from Istanbul. Apart from that, it reaches you in 1-3 working days depending on the city you are in with the order method. The price of the crazy Nature canary feed, which is sold as 20 kg, is now $17 in the market. It can also be called a price performance product. You too can try crazy Nature bait for your canaries.

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