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Green Cheeked Amazon Parrot (Amazona Viridgenalis)

We all have a sweet curiosity about birds, either innate or acquired. Once this curiosity has touched our tongue, its taste will never go away and it will live in a relationship with your palate from now on. We will provide you with information about the birds you love very much and ensure that your interest goes to the next level with an even better knowledge. Among the birds, the bird species that will make you the best confidant and friendship are the parrots, which are sent to us. Even if they don’t have the ability to talk as much as you think, they have more than enough network to make you happy, and it is a bird that does these to make you happy. There are several important features of these birds and there are multiple points that you need to make in order for this bird to be a more beautiful bird that it expects from you while you are feeding this bird. While these points are step-by-step, following these steps will ensure that this bird is at its best and has a sweet bond between you. What are these steps, what are the features of the parrot you choose when buying a baby or a large parrot? In order to make a non-speaking middle-aged parrot talk, the parrot you want to talk must be a pup and it should come to this level gradually. So what makes a parrot talk? Of course, this point is of interest. The interest can make the animal talk and it will be the first step of the emotional universal bond that will be formed between you. When you look at the features of this parrot, you will understand better what we mean.

Green Cheeked Amazon

The first characteristic of the green-cheeked amazon parrot is its good ability to speak and imitate. Don’t all these parrots talk anyway? If you say, be sure that there is no such situation, but the green-cheeked amazon parrot is an animal created for this job. When buying this animal, it is taken as a talking animal, it is the way you raise a baby and it talks about how you will do this job. As we said above, the first step is interest. What will this interest be like? Repeat simple sentences for them. These sentences are words like baba and dede made up of the same syllables. Another thing to do after doing this is to listen to music. Music is also effective in educating animals as it is the cure for everything. In the next process, it will help her to speak in calm and sometimes loud conversations with her. These animals are animals that can easily overcome their adolescence periods and at the same time take their body food supplements from nature. Since these animals will be at home, the biggest expense for them is medicine and supplements. Now we will give information about how the cages should be and nutrition in these animals. For detailed information, let’s explain it in the sub-title.

Nutrition and Cage in Green Cheeked Amazons

Although these birds are known as a medium sized breed, a medium status cage will be sufficient for these birds, so what is this medium level? If she can stretch her wings comfortably, it will be enough. In addition, the things that should be in the cages are the swing bowl and playground. If you have a large house, you can build this cage from concrete on the ground or make it into a large board and provide them with playgrounds and more training.

In terms of nutrition, these animals are parrots that can be fed easily with ready-made food and at the same time are very fond of nuts and even nuts, they have beaks that are resistant to set nuts, so you don’t have to worry. When you buy these animals, there will be people from Asar who will be a friend to you, and who will be lonely and tell your troubles that you can’t talk to anyone when you are bored. We wish you a fun time with these beautiful friends in advance.

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