Oldest Parrot Fossil in Denmark

Oldest Parrot Fossil Found in Denmark.

A parrot fossil, determined by scientists to be 55 million years old, was found in northwest Denmark.

The fact that the main centers of parrots were in the southern regions until recently began to be questioned with the discovery of this fossil.

Parrot Fossil Found

The oldest parrot fossils found in the southern regions to this day were 15 million years old.

The fact that this newly found fossil is much older has informed scientists that parrots are older than thought and that their main habitat was the northern regions, but later split into different species and spread to the southern regions.

1 Meter Giant Parrot Fossil Found

Since the discovered fossil consisted of a very small bone, it was very difficult for scientists to determine that it belonged to parrotidae. However, the main features that caused it to be included in this group were determined through fossils.

1 (one) Meter Fossil Parrot

According to the comments of scientists; The parrot to which this fossil belongs is comparable in size to yellow-cheeked cockatoos. While this parrot lived in the northern regions, Northern Europe was experiencing hot climate periods.

According to additional information from Norfolk Wildlife Museum scientists on the subject; Much of Germany, southeast England, and Denmark was covered by a large tropical area. At that time, when it is thought that only 10 million years have passed since the extinction of the dinosaurs, unusual developments were also taking place in the animal kingdom.


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