Pied Cockatiel

The face and wing colors of Pied cockatiel Parrots, which have yellow, gray and white colors on their bodies, are generally lighter in color than their bodies. The color distribution of these breeds, which have gray color on their wings, can vary from species to species. These parrots have orange spots on their faces.

Pied Cockatiel Sex Discrimination

The Pied Cockatiel has only gray patterns on its wings, just like the Lutino parrot species. These species can only be separated from lutinos in this way. It is very difficult to distinguish between males and females in these breeds, as the spots and masks on their bodies are similar to those found in the same lutino species.

Cockatiel parrots, which are more difficult to care for than other species, are known as social creatures. Since being closed is restrictive in terms of their freedom, they do not like to stay indoors all the time and they do not like quiet environments. In order not to make the cockatiel parrot you have adopted because of these situations unhappy, often take it out of its cage and liberate it, spend time with your parrot and play games with it. Since this type of bird is suitable for a hot climate, like other parrots, they also like a warm environment in their home life, so their environment should not fall below 15 degrees. Otherwise, they will be adversely affected by this situation and may become ill.

Pied Cockatiel

Pied Cockatiel Care and Features

Loneliness is not suitable for cockatiels, which are warm-blooded and affectionate birds, and this will make them unhappy. Psychological problems can be seen in parrots whose living spaces are limited and problematic. In such cases, our bird may be aggressive and may begin to pluck its own feathers. The best solution for a parrot in this situation is to have a mate with her. In addition, within the possibilities of the home environment, the lids of the cage will not be closed as much as possible and the parrot’s freedom will be on the move without being restricted.

If you are considering adopting this species, you should learn the necessary information to protect the health of the cockatiel. However, it would be beneficial to find a veterinary clinic that can treat your parrot in advance, as mental and physical health problems that you cannot interfere with may occur later, and since not every veterinary clinic does not care for poultry.

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