Cockatiel, Parrot Prices

Cockatiel Parrot Prices

The sultan’s parrot, whose homeland is Australia, is one of the middle class parrot species. It is neither too big nor too small. She took the name of Cockatiel because of the feathers on her head. It is physically extremely different from other parrot species. In addition to its longer tail, the different color on its cheek makes it a unique race.

Cockatiel Parrot Prices

The price determination of cockatiels differs according to their age. The prices of baby cockatiels are more expensive than adults. The reason for this is that puppies get used to humans quickly and speak quickly. After a certain adulthood, it is very difficult for the cockatiel to communicate and talk to humans.

When the prices of all parrot species are compared, the Cockatiel parrot is a parrot species that is at the middle level in price. Their prices are higher than that of lovebirds and less expensive than other parrot species.

Cockatiel Reproduction

As with other parrot species, Cockatiel parrots are very difficult to mate. Not all males mate with all females. Pairing Cockatiel parrots also show a desire to mate from the age of 9 months. The incubation period of Cockatiel parrots, which have 1-5 eggs after mating, is between 18 and 20 days. The baby cockatiel is fed by its parents within 1 month after its birth. From 45 days, it can be taken out of the nest.

The eggs of cockatiels are usually gray in color. The eggs may not be full. With the help of light, eggs can be checked and empty eggs can be removed from the nest. This prevents the animal from exerting more effort. Cockatiels do not want to be disturbed during the incubation period. In this process, the sultan parrot, which is very disturbed, may interrupt the incubation period.

Mood of the Cockatiel

You can easily understand the mood of a cockatiel by looking at the sultan’s feathers on its top. The fact that the feathers stand upright is an expression of curiosity and surprise. If the feathers are tilted back, it expresses the fear of the animal. If the feathers are tilted back and stuck to its head, it is a sign that the parrot is afraid and wants to secure itself.

Caring for a Cockatiel

Cockatiels are one of the easiest parrot species to care for. They love millet leaves. In addition, boiled egg whites and raw carrots can be grated and thrown into the feed in order to contribute to their nutrition.
As with other cage bird species, beak and nail care is essential for sultan parrots. When their nails are long, shortening their nails will make it easier to put them on the perch. In addition, it is useful to keep a beak stone in the cage at all times. The beak of cockatiels tends to grow constantly. If their beaks are not trimmed, they cannot eat and may die because of this. The beak of parrots is extremely powerful. It is important to choose materials made of plastic that do not break in the selection of the manger.

Another object in the material selection for the parrot is the parrot’s bath. Parrots love to take a bath. You can buy a simple bathroom or you can make it yourself at home, it will meet the animal’s bathroom needs. It is very important for the animal to enter the bath itself. Bathing your parrot by yourself will harm its health.

Cockatiel’s Sensitive Sides

The thing that the cockatiel is most sensitive to is the loss of interest. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these bird species are fed with interest. Losing attention on the animal will stress it and cause it to fall out. This situation will cause the animal’s appetite to be cut off and it will have serious consequences up to its death.

Another sensitive aspect of the cockatiel is exposure to drafts. If the animal stays in the wind current, it will most likely cause its death. It is necessary to try not to leave it in the wind current. Cockatiels like to sleep uninterrupted. It should be ensured that the animal sleeps in a quiet and uninterrupted environment for 8-10 hours a night. The cockatiel is also among the best parrots in terms of price.

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