Lutino Cockatiel

Lutino Cockatiel Features and Care
The Lutino Cockatiel, which has yellow and white colors, also has orange spots. While yellow colors can be seen on the face parts, there may also be yellowness on the wing parts. There are even Lutino Cockatiels, which are known to have a yellow color almost all over their body. Lutino Cockatiels, one of the most common types of cockatiels, also have pink colors on their feet and beaks.

Lutino Cockatiel Features

Lutinos, one of the sultan’s parrot species known as lemons, are among the most popular species. Their bodies are usually white and yellow. They can be completely yellow or completely white, or they can be found in half. This species, which is difficult to distinguish between male and female, has orange spots on its cheeks. For these species that like to climb, you should put many perches inside the cage. Your parrots will like it very much.

What Does the Lutino Cockatiel Eat?

In general, the cockatiel feed should be nutritious. In this way, you can test the quality of the feed you receive, as we did the germination process in primary school. At least 70% of a quality feed should germinate. Our advice to you is to put a bowl of water and two bowls of food in the cage where the parrot is. In one food bowl you can put the baits that have passed the test we have told you successfully, and in the other you can put things such as fruit.

Lutino Cockatiel Gender Discrimination Female - Male

Lutino Cockatiel Gender Discrimination

On the outside, such as the albino, lottery and Lutino lottery, it is difficult to buy their toys. For this reason, it is inevitable to get wrong results. The gender discrimination of this type of parrot is usually done by voice. Female parrots who cannot speak can only make one sound. Male parrot species, on the other hand, make sounds in different tones.

Another method that does not give accurate results is to make gender discrimination from the head regions of Lutino cockatiels. You can learn this by talking to people who have done it successfully before, but we suggest that you make the gender distinctions of lutinos with their voices. You will get more accurate but imprecise results.

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