Cremio Budgerigar

Among the budgies, one of the birds with its own characteristics is the cremio budgerigar. Cremio budgies are a special type of budgerigar, also known as yellow-faced parakeet. First of all, it would be correct to use the expression that cremios have a very sweet and innocent face.

While the yellow faces are quite cute and friendly, their voice tones are just as beautiful. Cremios, which are suitable to be fed at home, recognize their voices thanks to the bond they establish with their owners. Females of Cremio budgies are somewhat aggressive. However, the men are very cute and friendly. They have a warm stance and therefore they are loved very much. They have a facial expression that makes them think that being told or scolded will upset them.

Cremio Budgie Price

Cremio Budgie Price

Prices of budgies vary according to their characteristics. The price situation also varies according to the characteristics of cultivation in our country. The cremio budgerigar carries a higher price flora than other birds in terms of price. This mutated bird has an exclusive and creative image. This makes cremios special. The cremios, whose prices start from a certain Turkish lira, are also different and hot in appearance.

Cremio Budgie

The white dots on the faces of the yellow faces, which are obvious from their friendly appearance, are invisible. Owning a Cremio parakeet means not being alone. Cremios are birds that always establish good relations with their owners, court them and love their owners. That warm expression on their faces makes everyone love them. Yellow faces with high prices have their fans. For this reason, special prices have been defined for them. Whether juvenile or adult, each cremio has a unique bird image.

As of 2023, the prices of cremio budgies will vary between 20$ and 50$. This price range includes feather, health, education, etc. and so on.

Cremio Budgie Features

Cremio Budgie Features

The cremio budgerigar, which is very popular in our country but difficult to breed, is similar to other budgies in terms of its characteristics. These birds are warm, cute and at the same time friendly birds. Speech features begin after 2 months of age. Cremios, very attached to their owners, immediately notice strangers.

Although the females of the Cremiolaroi are a little wilder than the males, they too soon get used to their owners. Cremios, who like to have mirrors in their cages, also love to swing on the swing. Another feature of Cremio Lars is that they love to walk on fingers and shoulders. They bite the fingers of strangers with a very quick reflex, but they do not hurt their owners at all. It would be correct to call Cremios very coy birds, but the loudness of their voices distracts them from this coy manner.

The faces of these birds, which are quite beautiful, make them look very cute. It is important to feed the cremios that have diarrhea when they are exposed to the wind in a warm environment. Cremio budgies, who do not have problems with feeding, also like to be fed with egg yolk. In order for their hair to be shiny and not scratchy, it will be sufficient to clean them with a spray from time to time.

Cremio Budgie For Sale

Cremio Budgie For Sale

It is possible to come across advertisements for cremio budgies for sale on the internet. Although there are ads for sale such as puppies and adults, there are not as many ads as other budgies. The number of people who want to sell Cremio budgies is very small. Because it is not easy to find healthy birds. The Cremio budgerigar is very friendly.

Therefore, it can be difficult to break up with them. Seeing an advertisement of cremio budgies for sale may be due to the fact that those who keep it have a job. Especially in the summer, children who take care of their cremios can put them up for sale when they are not interested in them due to the school period. When cremio is seen for sale in the owner’s advertisements, first of all, it should be ensured that these birds are healthy.

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