Parrot Training

Parrot Training

Parrots are intelligent and easily trainable creatures. Especially since male parrots are prone to speech, you can contribute to his speech by teaching him various words in a short time. In order for the parrots to be trained in the best way, you must show interest. Parrots love attention because they are very fond of their owners, so the sentences made by their owners are very important to them. The most important training to be given for parrots is speaking training. Parrot species have different characteristics among themselves. As an example, although some parrot species have more developed imitation abilities, in some parrot species, the opposite is the case. Whichever type of parrot you have, you can give her various trainings according to the ability of that parrot species.

Cockatiel Training

Cockatailparrots are the most preferred and domesticated species. Do not take her out for 10 days when she first comes home. First of all, domestication training should be given. Domestication training should also be done by staying in the cage for 10 days, otherwise it may be afraid of its environment by hitting it left and right. Do not frighten her by not making sudden movements next to her. You can teach her the habit of eating treats from outside the cage. When you extend her first meal from outside the cage, she will approach you with uneasiness, but later on she will get used to you and trust you. If you do their first training carefully, you can complete the training of sultan parrots in a short time.

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African Grey Parrot Training

Jaco parrots are parrots with a high tendency to talk. These parrots, whose speech and imitation skills have developed, should be trained in this direction. African grey parrots can learn approximately 30 to 40 words. Cause and effect relationships are highly developed and can answer the questions asked with the training provided. You can train your Jaco parrots best by using various attachment points.

How to Train a African Grey Parrot?

Parrot Toilet Training

Among the least known aspects of parrots is toilet training. After a professional training is given to the parrots, they can make their toilet at the points you teach. Before you start toilet training of parrots, you need to know your birds well. You need to know various information such as how often your birds go to the toilet and where they use the toilet the most. Your behavior and facial expressions are also very important. You can complete this training with your cheerful movements by determining at which point she will go to the toilet.

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Parrot Training Hands-on Practice

Place your hand in the cage several times a day. It is useful to place your hand slowly, otherwise your parrot may be afraid. In order to make the parrot come to your hand, she must trust you and not be afraid of you. Your hand should express love and trust for her. Lightly touch the chest with your fingers, this is considered a physical cue for her. When the parrots land on your fingertips, show them how much you love them and give them a treat.

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