Pearl Cockatiel

The color of the feathers of the Pearl Cockatiel, which has 2 colors in one feather, towards the roots of its feathers, has changed color as it goes to the ends. In this species, there are color changes in their feathers according to the mutations of their parents. At the same time, there are orange spots on the pearl cockatiels.

Pearl Cockatiel Sex Discrimination

Pearl Cockatiel Features

The mutation that feeds the cockatiels and has intrigued many, but also confuses them even more, is most likely the Pearl mutation. These birds, which have a unique appearance, carry more than one color in each feather. These colorful feathers begin to disappear with the first moult in male pearl parrots, and this is the most important detail for gender discrimination. In addition, it helps in gender discrimination in other species where the gene of pearl cockatiel is found, such as wf pearl and pearl pied species.

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