Cockatoo Parrots

Cockatoo Parrot

Cockatoos are large parrots that are native to Australia and the South Pacific Islands. The vast majority are white, and there are black, gray-pink, and allegedly even blue ones. The features that define them best are the feathers on their heads that they raise and lower according to their mood. Because they are dusty parrots, they are not suitable for homes with asthma. They can live up to 60-90 years. Some species can even live up to 120 years! There are 21 known species of cockatoos, but we will cover the most common. You can access it from the side menu.

Cockatoo Characteristics

Cockatoo parrots are often described as “beautiful, affectionate and fluffy.” This is absolutely true. To me those are the cutest parrots in the world. They are parrots that love to be loved and are close to establishing a mate relationship with their pets. They are very curious and playful. Gnawing is a great need for them and since their beaks are also very strong, if you do not provide enough toys and playgrounds, know that whatever gnaws in your house are gnawed. Let’s point out that the beak strength of a cockatoo is equal to the jaw strength of a dog! Strength aside, they are parrots that need a lot of attention among parrot species. You shouldn’t spoil cockatoos, even if they’re doing their best. You must teach them independence and how to play alone. Otherwise, she will become too attached to you, she will develop jealousy towards everyone who approaches you, she will not be able to stand being apart from you, she will shout when you leave her, and she will develop a lot of behavior disorders.

I also want to make a note. After reaching sexual adulthood, cockatoos show unexpected behaviors due to hormones in the spring, such as biting when nothing is happening, and shouting more. Because their beaks are very strong, you should not bring a Cockatoo too close to your face or over your shoulder, especially during these months.

Cockatoo Talking

Cockatoos are not a breed known for their speaking abilities. While some Cockatoos speak very clearly and learn many words, they are generally limited to a few words. Here’s a talking Cockatoo video for you. The Cockatoo named Snowy in the video can speak up to 200 words.

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