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Cockatoo Price

For those who want to keep pets at home, parrot varieties have started to come to the fore in recent years, both because the prices are affordable and because they are a different animal. The most preferred parrot species for those who want to buy a parrot as a roommate is the cockatoo.

Cockatoo parrots are more expensive than normal parrots in terms of price. This is because they live so many years. While the average life expectancy of a cockatoo is 90 years, there are also known cockatoo species that live up to 120 years.

Cockatoo Characteristics

The homeland of the cockatoo is the Southern hemisphere. There are 17 detected species of cockatoo parrots. Cockatoo parrot prefers to live in tree hollows. Therefore, if you want to feed a cockatoo at home, it is important to have a special design for the cage or place where it will stand, so that the parrot will be more comfortable. Cockatoo parrot price ranges vary from 4 to 8 thousand. The most well-known species of cockatoo in Turkey is the cockatiel.

Cockatoo Parrot External Features

White is the dominant color in cockatoo parrots. Although rare, there are also black colors. The upturned feathers on the head are the most well-known feature of the cockatoo. Some of these parrots remove the feathers on the head at will. It is the type of parrot that communicates best with its owner and other people. Vocabulary memorization capacity is high.

When she receives a good education, she has the ability to form sentences. It is a curious species and also likes to gnaw. Because of its player characteristics, the cockatoo parrot is higher in price than other parrot species.

Cockatoo Parrot Nutrition

The diet of the cockatoo is similar to that of other parrots. Free in nature, cockatoos survive by eating fruit or seeds. The most consumed and loved fruits of Kakadu are strawberries, grapes, blackberries and mulberries.

Those who want to feed cockatoos at home should make up 70 percent of the nutrition rate from fruits. In the remaining part, seeds or kernels can be used. You should also get a cage for cockatoos where they can gnaw and catch the feeling of bark. It should not attract strangers about the place.

Although the prices of cockatoos vary depending on the region you are in, the training, breed, age and feather structure of the parrot, the minimum price will vary between $1.000 and $5.000.

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