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Alexander Parrot Prices

The Alexander parrot is a species found within the borders of Turkey. It has a magnificent appearance as well as a green colored and long tail. The origin part is based on India. After the necessary training is given, it is among the most suitable parrot species to be fed at home. Since it is an intelligent animal, it fascinates you both in appearance and intelligence. This parrot, which manages to make itself loved, is truly domestic. Alexander parrot prices can vary between $250 and $1000.

Alexander parrot prices

What Are the Characteristics of the Alexander Parrot?

It is the most favorite of bird lovers because the prices of Alexander parrots are determined according to every budget. However, it is useful to buy it considering all its features. The characteristics of the Alexander parrot are as follows;

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  • The Alexander parrot is a species that likes to obey its owner. She is grateful to those who take care of her and feed her.
  • The neck area is black in color and the upper part is pink. Eye color is a pale color. The feet have a gray and green color.
  • The Alexander parrot is a species that loves attention, aside from loving being petted.
  • It is a parrot species with developed speech ability. At the same time, when she speaks, what she says can be easily understood.
  • It is a breed that starts talking at the age of 8 to 12 months. They speak both males and females. Male parrots learn and speak more words than females.
  • They do not have the ability to imitate.

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What is the Nutrition of the Alexander Parrot?

When you consider other parrot species, especially the Alexander parrot, you should definitely pay attention to their nutrition with healthy and proper foods. Parrots with a healthy and balanced diet lead a more vigorous and healthier life. Alexander parrots generally feed on foods such as green vegetables, fresh leaves, grains, seeds and nuts. If you want to create a healthy nutrition program for the Alexander parrot, you can feed it with fresh vegetables.

If you feed it with fresh vegetables, you can set up an eating pattern in a short time. By researching the prices of Alexander parrots on the market, you should definitely choose the newly born parrot. The most important reason for this is that it will be better to be with you since childhood.

You can often see Alexander parrots in wildlife in green areas in Istanbul. They appear as Green Parrots in Istanbul.

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