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Molucan Cockatoo

Molucan Cockatoo (Cacatua Moluccensis)

Parrots come first among the pets we can keep in our homes. In general, we choose from several breeds in our homes and we feed them. In addition, there are many parrot species and one with many features within these species. It wasn’t just their talk that made these animals sweet and lovable. Before moving on to the characteristics of this parrot, let’s talk about its general characteristics. Parrots are creatures that love forested places in general. These creatures can adapt not only in the forest, but also in the houses, but our opinion is that they should stay in the forest. If you are going to buy them, take them to your home when they are young because the average parrot changes hands 3 or 4 times during its lifetime. Parrots live close to humans, and a wild parrot will live for at least 50 years. Calculate them without buying this parrot.

Molucan Cockatoo Features

The Molucan cactus parrot has an average length of 50 cm. Although these animals have a size that can not be considered small among their breeds, the smallest of them is the sultan parrots, which we know easily. Molucan coctails are animals that can be fed with seeds and similar things that are similar to their species in terms of nutrition. But we’ll go into more clarity on this subject.
What does the Molucan cockatoo like?

Moluccan cockatoos love messing with you, hanging from trees is another favorite feature of them. These parrots, who can laugh wildly, are impressive with their card sounds and are sometimes bullying enough to scare you when angry. So you let him do whatever he wants, don’t touch it, enjoy our parrot Our parrot, who will be more cheerful and better after that, will talk more, does not talk much when he is offended. In addition, since the cockatoo is a bird that will live for 20 to 70 years, it is narrow to have a heritage. If you don’t have anyone to leave it to, you’d better not take it.

Molucan Cockatoo Feeding Types

First of all, let’s know that every bird has a different structure. In addition, it may have similar features, but do not impose the same nutrition practice on those who say it has. This parrot variety of ours loves the core first and even more likes the core you give when dealing with it. It also eats greenery, but too much can cause diarrhea and death, so be careful with the greens so that you don’t miss the consistency. These parrots need vitamins because you will separate them from their natural habitat. What we need to do for this is to give the vitamin that it cannot take because it does not have a natural environment, by adding it to water in nutrition as a medicine treatment. If you are going to a place for these parrots, the only thing that will not leave you is if you keep the food and water, nothing will happen, but be careful, the same reactions do not occur in every parrot. These are the conditions you need to know about parrots, but these are general information. There are also tricks in feeding parrots for you that you will not hear from everyone. Let us explain these to you.

Tricks about parrots

These animals will be a complete friend to you and you will have to make them feel this. However, the more you deal with these parrots, the more their loyalty to you will increase. Be careful about making him listen to music and instead of mean music, make him listen to kind and naive music, this will help him to be calmer and more fun. Otherwise, it would be a lot of fun, but you’d be left with a bad-mouthed parrot.

If you want your parrot to be a parrot that takes care of her feathers and herself, tell her how to stay clean and if she likes you, she will take care of herself as you want. On the contrary, parrots are not stupid, they are very intelligent creatures. Good luck to you in advance with this beautiful being.

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