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Goffin Cockatoo

Goffin Cockatoo (Cacatua Goffiniana)

Living Areas

This species, whose main area is the Tanibar Islands (Yamdena and Larat Islands), was also brought to the Kai Archipele in Indonesia. They are seen in forests and forest edges as well as in socially dense habitats.

General Conditions of the Goffin Cockatoo:

At around 32 centimeters, goffin cockatoos are considered among the smallest of the species. The color of their feathers is often seen as snow-white. The plumage on the head is a light salmon color. In puppies and young Goffin Parrots, the salmon color on this head is not clear. The part of its feathers, called the ear flaps, is pinkish in color. The color of the beak is mostly light gray (white or gray). Feet colors are gray, in females it can also be brown. There is also a white ring around the eyes.

Nutrition Patterns and Cage Life

In their natural habitat, they do not have many food sources. The most well-known is that they plundered corn planting areas. In domestic care, in addition to mixtures of seeds and seeds, shelled rice, boiled corn, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as grapes from fresh tree branches with flowers and buds should be given. They also need to take vitamins and minerals regularly.

Goffin Cockatoo Reproduction

It is known that they make their nests in tree trunks in their natural habitats and mate all year round. In general, their brood consists of at most 2 eggs. In domestic production, mating and breeding periods begin mostly in May. Their incubation is between 2 and 4 eggs. The incubation period is about 28 to 30 days, and a frequent case is that the eggs are empty because there is no fertilization.

The fry reach the level of leaving the nest after 8 weeks. The issue to be considered in domestic production is that a suitable keel should be 4 meters high, 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters long, surrounded by wire mesh that can withstand strong beaks. We recommend that you put the nest in the darkest nook in the keel. A suitable nest size is 25 x 25 x 40 centimeters.

Goffin Parrots can respond aggressively to any external reaction during the mother and father incubation period. It should be ensured that they have a very quiet incubation period.

Grooming as Pets

We recommend adopting them as puppies or young. In general, they are very warm-blooded species when they get used to it. They are very active and active when they trust their owners, but they can also be very noisy at times. If they are educated, they have a very good imitation skills as well as a wide vocabulary.

Diseases and Treatment Methods

One such problem is that there is a risk of contracting the contagious virus, whose short name is PBFD (Psittacine Beak an Feather Disease). A goffin parrot infected with this virus is recognized at first glance from the general defects in feather formation. Other problems that follow this disease are hair breakage, deformation in the beak and nails, pitting and opening on the head, body and some local areas. Anorexia and diarrhea are common internal parasites. With this virus, a parrot can live for a maximum of 6 to 12 months. Their small bodies have a hard time protecting themselves against this virus.

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