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Orange Winged Amazon

Turuncu Kanat Amazon

Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot (Amazona Amazonica)

Birds are among the best friends in our lives. There are many varieties among these birds. The most adorable of these varieties are parrots. Much of the information known about parrots is this wrong. We will enlighten you with brief information about other parrots, especially the orange-winged amazon parrot. Parrots generally live in rainy parts of New Zealand and the African continent. These animals are very suitable to be kept at home and to be a friend to us. Orange-winged amazon parrots are generally green in color, but there are orange-tinged colors on their wings. These colors gave them their name, dosa, with a distinct atmosphere. The member of this parrot family, which is of average height, has features that will make us happy and it contains most of the features in its family. Although these birds are generally an animal that gives fuzzy reactions during adolescence, they can get through this period very easily because they are a breed that can be trained easily. Another feature of these animals is that they are a little picky at the point of feeding. These animals are piercing not only in food but also in ownership, and if you don’t love you, it may take a long time to make yourself love again, so get a habit with these animals and make them love you. Now, let’s enlighten you by giving you more information about these animals.

Orange Winged Amazon Parrot Features

We briefly touched on the general characteristics of these animals, now we look at this subject from a brighter perspective, let’s make you more wise, these animals are domestic, but we say that although we do not love people, we said how can you make yourself loved, take care to get this animal when it is a baby, and this is definitely the first and important step. . In addition, these animals are selective about food, do not worry, we will overcome this situation together. We will tell you better about the feeding of these animals. Now let’s talk about another feature of these animals, which is the love of attention, when these animals are not at a very good level in speaking, they can make a few words and do this together with the attention you will show them. Although there is a possibility that they may pronounce words such as, if you repeat these words to them with an average interval of more than a hundred times a day, these animals can extract buy words. Maybe your parrot can make a lot of these words, these are the situations that can happen, but for this, as we said, attention is a must. Some people say that my parrot does not speak, or you wrote that it does not, although these are endothermic conditions, if it could be against your interest, we already stated.

Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot Cage and Feeding Features

Standard parrot cages are suitable because they are of medium size as a cage, as with other parrots, they are very important to rock and water, although these animals, which have hard rocks as their nutritional feature, are picky about shell food and ready-made food, but there is no situation that you cannot overcome with trial and error method. In these animals, you can choose between mixed feed and nut sheep, respect their preferences as nutritional habits and feed them that way. Since these birds are not in their natural environment, they do not have a chance to get all the vitamins easily. You can overcome this situation very easily through vitamin supplements and take good care of your friend with the best way of growing. Congratulations on your love of animals.

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