Cinnamon Cockatiel

Cinnamon Cockatiel Features

CinnamonCockatiels have light gray colors. They have white stripes on the wing edges and orange spots on their faces. In addition to their facial colors, which may vary according to their gender, there may be occasional black spots on their feet and beaks. Generally, the white lines on the wing edges are 2 cm thick.

Cinnamon Cockatiel Prices

Generally, the prices of cockatiel parrots can vary. If we give an example price, you can have amounts such as $150 – $200. But it should not be forgotten that the prices may vary depending on the age and gender of the parrot you will buy.

Cinnamon Cockatiel Gender Discrimination

If you have bought your Cinnamon Cockatiel from any pet shop, they will already give you information about its gender. However, we would like to inform you that the accuracy rate of the information they provide will not exceed 50%. The parrot that many people buy as a female can turn out to be a male, and a parrot that is bought as a male can become a female. It is possible for them to say any gender in order to sell them to you in the pet shop. They already have a 50% chance to choose between 2 genders, and if they have some information, they make an estimate accordingly. It is your choice to believe or not.

The only way we can tell 100% of the gender of cockatiels in general is currently only a DNAtest done abroad. In this method, which is not preferred much, you first pluck all the feathers of your parrot, then you pay the DNA test fee of 50+ dollars and you are faced with a 100% accurate result. There are other methods, but of course each has its margin of error.

Gender Discrimination with Cinnamon Cockatiel Chirping

One of the most common and accurate methods is the crowing of the parrot. In order to impress their females, male cockatiels, which are in natural environments, sing melodious and different tones. Cockatiel parrots in the home environment repeat what you say, crowing in different melodies and whistling in different tones. Cockatiel that sing in this way are male parrots. But another point you should not forget is that these calls will be seen in a parrot that is at least 6 months old. So this means that it is a matter of luck to separate the gender of the parrot until it reaches breeding age.

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