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How to Take Care of a Parrot at Home?

How to Take Care of a Parrot at Home? – Stress Factor in Parrots

Our winged friends live in various groups in the natural environment, the number of which varies according to the parrotspecies. As in every community, there is an order in parrots. Each individual has a status and a duty in that community. Especially in the morning and evening hours, parrotstry to maintain this social order by calling out to each other with their loud cries. Parrots, who are excluded from the herd, or rather from the community they belong to, have great difficulty in maintaining their lives. Since these are game animals in the natural environment, the end of most of those who are in this situation is unfortunately sad.

Can Parrots Be Fed at Home?

As a classical knowledge, parrots should definitely be with family members at home when they are together. You need to prevent her from feeling excluded in the family environment. Because if our winged friend, who instinctively thinks that she is excluded from the herd, is kept away from her family environment, she will tend to various behavioral disorders due to the distress caused by this exclusion.

Can Parrots Be Fed at Home?

Feeding Parrots at Home – What are the Harms of Feeding Parrots at Home?

In such cases, the most common behavior disorder is feather plucking. Although there are many reasons for plucking, this reason is often overlooked or overlooked by the parrot care owner. The parrot first starts playing with its feathers too much. Later, it starts to play with especially the wing, tail and chest feathers. Later, there is an increase in the pieces that break off especially from the wing, tail and chest feathers. If the parrot’s environment is not corrected, one morning you may be in for the bitter surprise of plucking all its feathers.

Another common behavior disorder is biting. Feeling threatened, the parrot exhibits a different behavior disorder than before. It tends to bite all family members, especially its favorite owner. Sometimes the extent of this bite can amount to serious injury.

Feeding a Parrot at Home

How to Care for Parrots at Home? – How to Feed a Parrot at Home?

In addition to these, parrots left alone may exhibit behavioral disorders such as screaming. Our winged friend may think that she is experiencing social exclusion. Both for the purpose of calling the members of the family, and the discomfort of helplessness, it can exhibit screaming behavior disorder that can reach serious dimensions.

As with other causes of behavioral disorders experienced, in the case of abandonment of the main cause, the cause must be removed immediately. Otherwise, the event will become chronic by increasing its severity and will become unbearable.

If our winged friend is in a position where she feels isolated, away from people and lonely at home, the factor is eliminated by bringing the cage to a suitable environment. Then, with close follow-up and close attention, we must ensure that our winged friend returns to normal.

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