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African Grey Parrot

african grey parrot

African Grey Parrot Characteristics

African grey parrot is also known as gray parrot in our country. It is a medium-sized parrot species in the parrot family. african grey parrots are 30-35 cm in size, in shades of gray and black. Its tail is red or burgundy.

The african grey parrot, which many animal lovers want to feed the most in the world, is described as the most intelligent species. It has been observed that the african grey parrot has a good speaking ability, can memorize close to a thousand words with good care, and at the same time gives logical answers to the questions asked. It is the most imitative species among parrot species. Compared to other parrot species, it is a curious, suspicious and late-confidence species. A male african grey parrot is usually the size of a pigeon.

The body is gray, the tail is light red in adults, and a dark red hue is dominant in immature ones. african grey parrot eyes are black under one year old, after 1 year the eye color turns gray and finally yellowish. There are three different types of gray parrots (other name jaco parrots).

African Grey Parrot Care

Congo african grey parrots are 32-35 in length and 400-490 grams in weight. The length of the Ghana african grey parrot is 31 cm and their weight is around 350-400 grams. Finally, Timneh african grey parrots height is 30 cm and their weight is around 290 – 350 grams. The beak parts are beige.

African Grey Parrot Lifespan

It is known that the life span of the african grey parrot is 20-25years, and 70-80 years in captivity. This species likes to feed on fruit trees in nature. The african grey parrot (gray parrot) is listed in the Second Supplementary Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. In the USA, with the Bird Protection Act of 1992, the trade of African Gray (jaco) parrots caught in the wild is prohibited.

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