African Parrots

African Gray Parrot Cage

When the parrot gets used to you, it can be a very good housemate. But you should not forget that these big friends are also extremely sensitive. You must provide them with careful and clean care.

Here are some useful tips for parrot care:

Keep your water and feed clean

Clean the feed and water containers daily and put fresh water and feed in them.

Clean the cage regularly

You can change these papers every 2-3 days and make cleaning easier by laying newspaper papers at the bottom of the cage. Do not forget to regularly clean food residues such as shells, seeds, and scattered toys from the cage. Also, make sure that the toys you keep in the cage are clean. When cleaning the cage, use disinfectants that are not harmful to birds.

Put their toys in different places

After cleaning your parrot’s toys, place them in different places. Parrots are both very inquisitive and very intelligent, they like to have change around them.

African Gray Parrot Cage Prices

Jaco parrot cage is large and can be quite laborious to build. African gray parrot prices start from a minimum of 300$ and the price increases according to their features. You can also buy the Jaco parrot cage second hand and the Jaco parrot cage from the owner or through applications such as letgo. We often hear questions such as how a Jaco parrot cage should be. Jaco parrot is among the large parrot breeds. Jaco parrot cage should have a cage where the parrot will spend a lot of time indoors, so it can easily do relaxation wing flapping movements such as wing opening and stretching. Jaco parrot cage prices start from a minimum of $300 and go up to $2,000.

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