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Galah Cockatoo

Galah Cockatoo (Eolophus Roseicapillus)

Although there is also the smallest group among the cockatoo species, it is one of the most spectacular with its colors. Unlike many of its species, Galah Cockatoos are more monogamous.

Its dimensions are approximately 35 cm. Their life span has been determined to be approximately 40 – 45 years.

Galah Cockatoo(Rose Cockatoo) Voice – Chirping

Habitats and Wildlife Lifestyles

It is a species living in the Australian region. They are also seen on some islands close to the southeastern part of this region. Those found in the southwestern parts are mostly assimilated groups. This species, which is spread all over Australia, can be seen in open areas, even in gardens and park areas, as well as in forested areas. They are among the most common and visible cockatoo species in the region with their ability to easily adapt to their environment. It is not surprising to come across Galah cockatoos in large groups or flocks. They are not liked by the people of the region as they move from one place to another in flocks or invade the crop fields. Agriculture As they cause great damage to agricultural areas, the Australian government meticulously imposes heavy penalties on Parrot Hunts, no matter how much the agriculturalists violate the hunting ban. The government has also banned the hunting, catching, export and sale of this type of parrot. The government supports the continuation of the breed by protecting this species. It is obvious that very few Galah cockatoos breeders in Europe are due to this attitude of the Australian government.

View from Galah Rose Cockatoo Parrots

Natural Eating Habits

They feed on various seeds and seeds, fruits and berries unique to the region, and occasionally some insects and their larvae (eggs).

Reproduction in Natural Life

They settle in high tree hollows or dead trees, mostly in areas close to open water areas. While making this choice, they mostly prefer eucalyptus trees. They pluck large tree bark from under the den, and in this way, they especially keep snakes away from their nests. The nest entrance is at a height of about 20 meters from the ground. Both parents arrange the nest with leaves before hatching.

The number of eggs consists of 2 to 5 eggs.

Incubation period

It takes about 30 days, during which time both males and females incubate alternately. In a cage environment, this period is around 20 – 23 days. Although the cubs start to fly when they are 7 – 8 weeks old, they stay in the nest for 6 more weeks, depending on their parents.

Another remarkable feature in the care of puppies in this breed is that they gather their puppies in a place we can call “School”. While a few adults are at the head of the young that have just gained the ability to fly, the parents go in search of food easily.

Grooming Galah Cockatoos as Pets

It is said that they are generally compatible and can adapt to their environment in a short time.

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