Dutch Budgie

The Dutch budgerigar, which creates a special alternative for budgerigar lovers, is one of the most suitable bird varieties to keep at home. Dutch budgies, which are quite cute and cheerful, are among the bird classes that also take care of cleanliness. These birds, which are the source of joy in our house, should be carefully fed and great care should be taken in their cleanliness. The most important feature that distinguishes Dutch budgerigars from other birds is that their tails are not long, but shorter and their bodies are wide, like other birds.

Dutch Budgie Features

Dutch Budgie Features

The homeland of the most preferred Dutch budgies in our country is the Netherlands. These birds have remarkable attitudes with their fast speech and friendly demeanor. In terms of Dutch budgerigar characteristics, the most distinctive feature is the attention to cleanliness. These are birds that want sand and pieces of squid inside their cages. Dutch budgies can be of different colors.

Dutch budgies, which are very cute and friendly, always make cute moves to establish a nice bond with you. This situation turns into spoilage after you show interest in it. Dutch budgerigar females, which are beautiful and charming, do not give their males comfort, just like other female birds.

This makes them even cuter. The Dutch budgie is a very talented and willing bird to talk. However, this should not be rushed. Behaving this way can scare them away. The bird can be handled with slow movements, and the words it wants to speak are softly repeated. Your Dutch budgie will start repeating some words as a result of repeating this behavior for a while.

Netherlands Budgerigar Price

Netherlands Budgerigar Price

Dutch budgies are one of the bird varieties that are very suitable for keeping at home. It is very lovingly cared for in our country. Dutch budgies are in the class of birds that are also affordable in terms of price.

The Dutch budgie, which is loved for its appearance, vitality, activity and energy, has prices ranging from $40 to $200. Dutch budgies are among the bird species produced in our country. For this reason, their prices are more affordable and reasonable than other budgies. Dutch budgies, which provide a pleasant time in the home environment, are also very skilled at communicating with people. Dutch budgies, who can establish a good bond with their owner, will learn to talk in a fast time. In this respect, it is more preferable.

How To Tell The Dutch Budgie?

How To Tell The Dutch Budgie?

If you want to buy a budgerigar and ask the question of how to understand a Dutch budgie, it is useful to know that the tails of Dutch budgies are much shorter than other birds. The tails of Dutch budgies are quite short and their bodies are very broad. It would be correct to use the expression that these birds are fat. The large body of Dutch budgies is one of the most important features that distinguish them from other birds. Dutch budgies, which can grow up to 25 centimeters in length, are very cheerful and active creatures. These birds do not like to have their tails touched.

At the same time, female Dutch budgies have a much calmer nature than male birds. However, they will be quite aggressive and impulsive when they think that any harm will come to them. When these birds establish a warm relationship with their owners, they tend to talk very quickly. Dutch budgerigars, who like to be picked up on their toes and frolicking on curtains, are very cute with their warm and friendly nature. For this reason, the most preferred budgie in our country is the Dutch budgie.

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