Male Budgerigar

Budgerigars are special creatures that bring life to our homes. Their movements, colors, flight, and the sounds they make make us happy while at the same time amusing us. Keeping budgies at home, which is one of the ways to spend a good time for people, also requires knowledge about budgies. The male budgie is a breed of budgie.

Male budgies are always more active and active. Male budgies, which act more lively and active by looking at the females, have a structure that does not stay in place in the cage. Especially during the mating period, it is very enjoyable to watch those moments of male budgerigars who treat their females by courting.

Budgie Breed

Budgie Male

Owning a male budgie means a calmer and more enjoyable day. Another way to distinguish male budgies from female budgies, other than looking at the color of their cere, is that when the budgie is a male, it sings longer and shaking its head. The cere color of male budgies is usually dark blue, blue, dark pink tones. Thus, male budgies will be easily distinguished from females.

Every movement of male budgies is different from female budgies. Male budgies are calmer. The female budgerigar, on the other hand, has a more aggressive nature. This reveals that there is a special distinction between males and females. Although both sexes are very cute, it is observed that males are more active and active. When buying budgies, if you buy a pair of budgies, it is absolutely necessary to buy male and female budgies. However, it is very important for these two sexes to get along with each other. If these two breeds cannot get along with each other, a fight will break out between the two. Sometimes this can cause injury.

Budgie Male

When the male budgie is most active is when he wants to mate. During this period, he constantly woos his female. The male budgerigar, which constantly plays with the moving toys in the cage, comes to the female budgie as soon as it flies. Usually, the male budgie, touching the tail of the female budgie, will act according to the female’s response. Mating does not take place against the will of the female. Therefore, the male budgie will continue to court.

Budgie Breed

Each of the budgies is more beautiful than the other. They especially add joy and excitement to homes. No matter the budgerigars are male or female, they are both very cute. However, male budgies are also very active in their cages. Female budgies, on the other hand, are known for their more aggressive and calm demeanor. Male and female budgies are more comfortable in larger cages. The size of the cage is important for them to fly. The attitudes of male or female budgies can also change in terms of the budgerigar breed.

Male Budgerigar Characteristics

The song speed and length of male budgies vary according to their breed. All of the budgies belong to the parrotidae class. In this respect, their feeding, singing, flying, and health characteristics are completely similar to each other. However, there are minor differences between them. In this sense, those who do not know the breed of budgerigars should pay attention to their feather length, cere colors or wing colors. Regardless of their breed, the voices of budgies, each one more beautiful and showy than the other, are also quite beautiful. Budgerigars generally have the ability to speak up to 12 words up to 6 months of age. Budgies that say short words quickly are very attentive to obedience to their owners. Lovebirds, which are extremely warm and friendly to their owners and sometimes even to their guests, add joy and fun to any environment.

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