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babbling curd lori parrot

babbling curd lori parrot
(Lorius Garrullus Garrullus)

Chattering Lori Parrot Subspecies

  • Lorius garrullus flavopalliatus(Yellow Backed Lorry)
  • Lorius garrullus morotaianus(Morotai Yellow Backed Lorry)

babbling curd lori parrot

Living Areas

Molukkan and Indonesian islands (Halmahera, Weda, Batjan, Obi Morotai and Raou). This species is found in budding coconut palms and plantations. As a region, they can be found in all kinds of forest areas, fruit planting areas, gardens and parks. They are also found along the coast.

They are birds that live together in pairs and small groups. They are very active birds that make loud noises and fly from one tree to another.

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General Description

It is not possible to compare this species, which is about 30 centimeters in size, with any other lory species. Its main color consists of red and green tones. The feathers on the head, thorax and abdomen are bright red. Upper wings have yellow tones. When it goes down, they become dark green tones. The feathers on the calves and back are in a dark green tone. The beak is orange in color and the eye color is a shade ranging from yellow to melon.

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In fact, it is not possible to separate the male and female from the external appearance. The bare white area around the eyes is said to be elliptical in females and fully rounded in males. It is also said that that yellow little feather on the wing heads is almost imperceptibly covered with a more green tone in females.

It is possible to distinguish juveniles and young ones from the duller feather colors and the beak color, which is close to brown.

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Nutrition Patterns

As with loris in general, it consists of pollen of the coconut plant, fruit extracts (fruit nectar) and juicy soft fruits for this species of flowers. In addition, it has been stated that they consume very small amounts of small insect species.

chatter lory parrot characteristics


There is no definite information about breeding dates. It is known that they make their nests in hollows of tree cavities and sometimes on the highest treetops. There will be a maximum of 2 eggs in one incubation. The incubation period is around 26 – 28 days. The feathering of the offspring and the start of flight takes place in 9 – 10 weeks. In the following 3 weeks, they are fed by their parents.

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The production of our first pet friends was made in England in 1923. Their maintenance and production has been carried out successfully for many years, including their subspecies, in Loro Parque. In fact, only one type of success was achieved at first. But in 2001, after Elen Mr. Reinschmidt’s tireless and tireless efforts to manage the aforementioned park, the Lorius Garrullus Morotaianus species was also produced.

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It is a preferred type of Lori parrot as a pet. This is because it is now easy to match and manufacture. In addition to this, very good speech and imitation skills. They are very cute, friendly and curious. They are also hyperactive parrots. It’s just a very noisy species. Since these noise-making features are already in their nature, it is necessary to think about it before buying it. This is not a feature that can be passed over later.

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