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Lori parrot species are among the most preferred species. Because lories are very active and some of them are very close in cage. Of course, there are those who do not like the cage and those who will not. Due to this criterion, lorikeet parrot prices are different in the producer.

Lori species, which is mostly found in Indonesia as a habitat, does not exceed 30 centimeters. Since it is a water and freedom-loving species, its cages should be large and it should be allowed to play with water frequently in the summer season.

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Nutrition of Lori Parrot Species

Lori parrot species generally prefer pollen foods, but eat fruit and fruit purees where these are not available. Some of them can also eat insects. Usually you should give soft foods. In some cases, it is okay to give hard foods as well. Because if their beaks are itchy, they enjoy eating those foods.

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Lori Parrot Species

In addition to the existence of Lori parrot species, each species has a subspecies. Therefore, it consists of a continuous succession of species. Some Lori parrot species are as follows: Lori parrots such as red spotted, purple nape,red, goldi, Duyvenbode, blue striped, rainbow, red breasted, chatteringare available. A few of these species are currently hard to find and few in number. That’s why lorikeet parrot prices can be high as its owner.

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Sex Discrimination in Lori Parrots

Almost all lory parrots are the same color as their mates. Therefore, it is not possible to separate their genders by observing or interpreting them from the outside. A gender discrimination can occur by testing. Apart from that, its gender cannot be known with certainty from some of its external movements or appearance, or from the wing part.

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Breeding in Lori Parrot Species

Incubation is maximum 30 days in lory parrot species. 15 days after the calving process, the fry can begin to fly. After this process, the mother triggers the baby to fly out of the nest and sometimes even throws it out of the nest when she is sure that she can fly.

Baby Chattering Lori Parrot

Because she does this so that she can go and establish her own life where she wants. A few of the puppies can be quite calm puppies, while others are more aggressive and determined puppies. Lori parrot price may be slightly different than other parrots when it is adopted from the owner, namely the breeder.

A healthy lory parrot, like parrots with good training and care, varies from $2.000 to $10.000.

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