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There are also different subspecies of lory parrot species. A few of these are the red-spotted lorikeet, the purple-necked lorikeet, the red lorikeet, and the goldi lorikeet. To give general information about these parrots:

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Red Spotted Lori Parrot

This parrot species is mostly seen in the Indonesian Region and is a parrot species that loves to stay in the water all the time and play with the water. You certainly cannot distinguish the parrot’s sex through impression. That’s why you can only find out the sex of the parrot by having the tests done. The parrot, which is generally red in weight, was named red-spotted Lori for this reason.

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These parrots are also parrots that love fruits and consume them frequently. Lori parrot price again varies according to their age. In general, the incubation period of parrots of this species is 26 days. Because this parrot loves water, it wants to be bathed constantly, and when you wash the parrot, you should be careful not to let it get cold, especially in winter.

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Purple Neck Lori Parrot

This parrot species is also a parrot species that mostly prefers the high parts of forest areas. It is a parrot with a size of 28 centimeters and a very mixed color in terms of color. The incubation period for this species is approximately 26 days. They love soft food but also eat hard food for their beaks. However, what you need to know about this parrot species is that it is a type of parrot that loves to be free.

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You may have a little difficulty keeping it in the cage. Because she will always want to get out of the cage. In these parrots, the male and female are almost like copies of each other. It is very difficult to distinguish from each other in terms of gender.Lori parrot is one of the most expensive among price parrots. Because there is almost no type of them, and they are at a very high price.

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Goldi Lori Parrot

It is a parrot species that can live in mountainous and forested areas. Her hobbies include dropping flowers from newly blooming trees and collecting them. The type of crowing you can hear in this Lori is in a low voice and with the same intonation. Maybe this is one of the parrots that can be taken about the cage. Because it is a kind of parrot that is quite calm and can listen to you.

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It is also quite small in size and measures 19 centimeters. These parrots are very similar to each other in terms of gender, but some lines on their bodies reveal their gender. Because in this parrot species, the male is a little more built than the female, and his favorite food is the flowers of the newly bloomed trees.

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Red Lory Parrot

Lori parrot is a parrot species that generally prefers to live in the Indonesian region and generally prefers green flat areas as its habitat. Since these parrots generally live freely, they have a lot of difficulty in this regard in the cage. Especially when these parrots see a view from the window, they struggle to get out of the cage.

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Their size is 30 centimeters and their color is predominantly red. They love fruit purees and also love to collect tree flowers. They can also eat some hard fruits or foods. However, it does not eat unless it needs them, and these parrot species can also eat insects.

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What You Need to Know About Lori Parrot Species

They usually reproduce in 26 days and it is very difficult to stop these parrots in their cage. Because these types love movement and perspicacity. So you can fill her cage with things that are larger and that she can enjoy.

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You should also allow her to wander around the house in the meantime. Because Lori species love to fly and land in different corners. Again, these Lori parrot prices vary according to the criteria determined in the parrot.

A healthy lory parrot, like parrots with good training and care, varies from $200 to $1000.

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