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Conure Parrot Price

Conure parrot prices are a topic frequently followed by bird enthusiasts, especially those who are interested in parrots. It has become a popular species due to its colorful appearance, long tail, curious nature and friendly nature.

Conure parrot prices

This type of parrot, which is easily tamed and easy to care for, can be found in pet shops and bird markets, or it can be bought at a bargain price from people who want to sell their parrots online. Conure parrot prices are higher in pet shops and bird markets, while buying from the owner will also result in a bargain. Prices may vary depending on colors, images and age. The price ranges we foresee in 2021 vary between a minimum of $250 and $500.

conure parrot species

Conure Parrot Features

Although the Conure Parrot prices may seem high at first, it is thought to be worth it when you look at the features. These parrots, which have a lot of puppies, can nest 2 times in their domesticated form for the home. These birds, which are quite colorful, intelligent and playful, cannot be distinguished from the outside as male and female. Their gender is only known after 2 years. They have a life span of about 5 years. The young ones of these parrots, which have bright and colorful feathers, have more matte colored feathers.

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If you want the parrot you will buy to be young, you can tell by the color of its feathers and the light color of its beak. They carry a disadvantage behind their images that bird enthusiasts will love at first sight. They have loud voices and sing in a constantly high tone. You have to buy it with this feature in mind.

Conure parrot features

Reproduction and Nutrition of Conure Parrots

It is a kind of parrot that is comfortable and can reproduce a lot. After domesticating this breed, which reproduces a lot in its natural environment, they breed once or twice. It always stands by its nests for breeding. All you have to do is move them into a separate and cleaner cage during their breeding season. During the breeding period, their immunity is weaker and the nests can be infected with parasites, so you have to be careful.

conure parrot care

Their feeding is quite effortless. In addition to being fed with fruits, nuts and seeds, very rarely lettuce or spinach can be given. Of course, you should never overdo it. Broccoli can also be given, it is a very healthy food for parrots.

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