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Scarlet Ara Parrot

Scarlet Ara Parrot(Ara Macao)

ara macaw

If this name seems very strange to you, it is actually one of the most well-known parrot species. Although its name is written here in Latin, its name in our country is the red ara parrot. As you know, birds are an animal that attracts a lot of attention in our country. And people buy these animals either because they are bored with the love of animals or because they are tired of loneliness. In fact, taking care of these extinct animals in this way makes us happy, and unconsciously feeding them does more harm than good. However, we will give you information about this well-known bird and other parrots today, and in the light of this information, you will be a better parrot breeder. Let’s start with this parrot for you, although the red ara parrot is common in our country, its homeland is the American continent. We will include the general characteristics of these birds in a separate title, but let us gently remind you that these animals speak well and are of a size that can be considered large in the parrot family. Another positive aspect of these birds, which are very beautiful and harmonious animals for those who want to keep them at home, is that they form a very warm and sincere bond with people, with this head, the animals get used to you and as you give them confidence, they do all they can to make you happy, which is their beauty. are among the cases. Let’s open the general features of this animal, which will be a complete friend for you, let the decision be up to you.

Scarlet Parrot Prices

The general characteristics of this bird are those that can grow longer than 50 cm. However, their lifespans vary within 30 to 60 years, and there are rare ones that live more than 60 or even close to 100, but these numbers are average. Sometimes they can be accused of lying in the comments made, but we say again, these are average numbers. These are animals that weigh between 2 and 3 kilos and are quick to learn and can speak quickly. This distinguishes them from other parrots. Although these parrots are easier to train and talk than others, they still do not learn by themselves. The common side of these birds is that they love attention. And the more you show interest, the faster this conversation will go. Let us also tell you that they love to feed you in terms of nutrition, they are very happy to listen to music and deal with them outside the cage, in short, to show that you value them. Let’s complete our article by giving information about the eating and drinking and cage issues of these animals. These cages should not be narrower than the average bird’s wingspan, and in such a case these birds are smart enough to demoralize themselves. Another cage feature for birds is the play cage. Especially this breed of parrot loves games, and if you make your cages magical and make a playground inside, you will have a happy and friendly parrot. Swings are another trick of this business. These birds love swings, it’s a pleasure for them to swing, and we say you should definitely make a swing with this cage.

Scarlet macaw parrot prices range from a minimum of $15,000 to $25,000. This price change varies according to the type of parrot, its feathers and its stance.

Scarlet Macaw Prices

This breed, which does not have much choice in eating and drinking like other parrots, loves to feed you. Besides, there are ready-made baits for those who say, “I don’t want to stop by” or “I don’t know”. However, these birds will not be able to take vitamins in their natural environment. For this, you can take vitamins to your animals and add them to their water, and you can find this drug, which will contribute to the development of the bird during both spawning and normal periods, in places with bird material. We appreciate your interest in animals.

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