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Ara Parrot Price

One of the preferences of those who want to make keeping pets more enjoyable is parrots. Parrots attract the attention of animal lovers with their abilities and different looks. There are not many parrot breeds. One of these breeds is Ara Parrot.

This bird is one of the most talented and lovable of its breeds. For this reason, it is among the most purchased. Ara Parrot Price also varies between $1.000 and $5.000. This bird species, which is very popular with its appearance and abilities, continues to attract attention with its different features and is being bought by more and more people day by day.

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Does Ara Parrot Talk?

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about a parrotis the talking bird. For this reason, the speaking ability of people who feed parrots prefer advertisements. Ara Parrot is also the most talented among parrot breeds. If she gets a good education, she can talk. Can imitate a lot of words. When it gets used to its owner, it becomes attached to it and does not want to leave.

It can even play some intelligence games with its owner. It can be easily trained by its owner. Your voices are not too loud and annoying. For this reason, it is a parrot breed that can easily and pleasantly accompany you at home. For detailed information about Ara parrot prices, you can search the internet and pet shops.

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How to Feed Ara Parrot?

The Ara Parrot, which is a cute and talented parrot, is also easy to feed. First of all, the living area should be clean and well-maintained. Thus, they become healthier and longer-lasting. Pleasantly growing parrots will be more skilled. They can be fed with fresh fruits and vegetables. Parrots also love to eat parrot food and nuts.

Ara Parrot Price

Characteristics of Ara Parrots

Ara Papağanının da kendi arasında cinsleri bulunmaktadır. There are breeds such as yellow-blue ara parrot, red yellow ara parrot and blue-headed ara parrot. Depending on the breed, they are between 40-90 cm in length. The length of the military-skinned ara parrot is 30 cm. The genus known as the green wing is 90 cm in length. They can weigh up to 1000-1200 kilograms at most. Their beaks are very strong. Ara parrot prices vary according to the breed.

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