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Ara Parrot Prices

Its homeland is the swampy areas of the South American Region. Ara parrots living in forests have a beautiful appearance. The ara parrot, which consists of yellow and blue colors, can easily attract attention. The countries with its natural habitat are Paraugay, Brazil, Panama and Bolivia. There are intermediate colors on the feathers of the birds. Their stature varies between approximately 80-90 cm. Weight ranges are 1200 and 1300 grams. It is among the largest parrot species in the world. Since it is the main color of blue and yellow, it is in between red. Ara parrot can be purchased by getting information about prices.

Ara Macaw Parrot

How Do Ara Parrots Feed?

The bird species with a blue head and tail has a strong structure. Because it is strong, it may need constant feeding. Ara parrots also have a strong beak. Since the beak part is, the foods are easily grinded. Since their speech level is good, they can give a signal to their owners that they are hungry when it comes to nutrition. They are fed a mixed diet. In our daily life, it may not be enough to give parrots only cereals and nuts. Because giving such foods continuously can cause vitamin deficiency in the ara parrot. In the diet, cereals and nuts must be present in fruits. Avocado, chocolate, cherry-like foods should definitely be kept away from the parrot’s diet.

What are the Price Ranges of Intermediate Parrots?

Ara Parrots show different prices according to their height, weight and shape. Ara parrots are not usually cheap because they are rare. For this reason, a person who buys an ara parrot must be a careful caregiver. The prices of young and old ara parrots are also different from each other. Because younger parrots live longer, older parrots have a shorter lifespan. Ara parrots have a high intelligence and a good learning capacity. Parrots can be difficult to care for at home because of their large size. For this, a person who will buy an intermediate parrot should research the price ranges and the general characteristics of the parrot well.

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Ara parrots prices vary between $20,000 and $40,000 depending on the features we have listed above.

How Are Ara Parrots Cared For?

Many people prefer to have pets at home. Ara parrots are not easy to care for. Because the day has to work inside. As long as they are taken care of, they are very intelligent and calm animals. Parrots’ own feed and water bowls should be kept clean every day. Regular cleaning prevents the parrot from getting sick. The paper laid on the bottom of the cages prevents the house from getting dirty. Papers must be replaced with new ones every day. Especially in today’s world where the virus is widespread, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions for cleaning as much as possible. Ara parrots are animal species that like to spend time with toys. The toys used should be disinfected frequently so that the parrot does not get infected.

ara macaw

Language Training of Ara Parrots

Speech can be achieved with the help of simple words in parrot training. The process can be started with short words such as bird, hello, beautiful bird. Sentences are formed by adding new words on top of the words. Thanks to the sentences, ara parrots can sing in a short time. They can learn the sound by repeating it over and over. Plenty of repetitions help parrots learn faster. Ara parrot prices vary according to skill and knowledge level. It is suitable for them to learn sound types such as phone tones and ringtones. It is very difficult to expect intermediate parrots to speak before they reach 1 year old. For this reason, it is also beneficial to be patient and stable.

Baby Ara Macaw Parrot

General Ability of Ara Parrots

Among the parrot species, they are the easiest to learn. Since their perception and intelligence levels are good, they can easily repeat words. They may even receive advanced training beyond speaking. Their ability to imitate and convey what they have learned is quite high. Ara parrots can respond to commands and surprise many people. Many tricks need to be followed in the training of the parrot. Thanks to the tricks, the training of the parrot becomes even easier. Cages may not be sufficient for intermediate parrots in education.

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