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Senegalese Parrot Price

Senegal parrots, which have a wild appearance compared to other parrot species, can reach approximately 23 cm in length and have an average lifespan of 25 years. The primary colors of Senegal parrots, which are observed to be green, are the intermediate colors of black, magenta, yellow and white. Sex discrimination of these parrot species is very difficult. Although it is said that the hair under the breast is important in determining the gender, we cannot say that it is a reliable method.

In addition to their feet and beaks, which are in black and gray tones, their eye colors are red. The white eye ring around the eyes adds a different beauty to the eyes. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes baby Senegalese parrots from adults is the yellow tones of the feathers under their breasts. Senegal parrots are also ideal species in terms of price.

senegal parrot price

Habitats of Senegalese Parrots

Senegalese parrots are parrot breeds with 9 subspecies. The most prominent subspecies are the melanocephala and pallida species. Senegalese parrot species, which commonly live in South America, are also seen in Guyana and Brazil.

In their natural habitat, they live in groups of more than 30 pairs in the treetops, except during the incubation season. They meet all their needs from the seeds of trees in natural environments. They are known to eat tree leaves and fruits as well as seeds. Senegalese parrots have very annoying door squeaking sounds. Senegalese parrots, which are very timid animals, make this annoying sound at the slightest danger. They prefer to build their nests in high tree hollows.

Cage Rearing of the Senegalese Parrot

Senegalese parrots are one of the most active bird species. They often feel the need to fly, even when kept in a cage. The most suitable environment for their home care is provided with 2×1 keels. Tür olarak şebeklik yaparak bir şeyleri devirmeyi ve dikkat çekmeyi çok severler. As a species, they love to knock things over and attract attention by being a gibberish. Even when feeding from your hand, you can get your hand caught in the beak. If you want to feed Senegalese parrots as a couple, you should definitely not put a single female or single male next to them. In such a situation, the fights that arise can result in death. Male dominance is in question in Senegalese bird species. Males lead the herds. Naturally, the administration in the cage is also male.

Senegal Parrot voice

Production of Senegalese Parrots

Senegalese parrots feel the need to build a nest from tree cavities inside the nest. When it is time to mate, they incubate in this nest. The breeding season of Senegalese parrots can vary. Sometimes it may take more than 3 years for these parrot species to reproduce. They lay 2-4 eggs in their nests. The average incubation period is around 25-26 days. The babies born are fed by their parents for the first 70 days and after 70 days they gain the ability to move individually. We can say that the breeding season of Senegalese parrots is usually January and February.

Senegal Parrot Price

Prices of Senegalese Parrots

When the Senegalese parrot price research is done, we can say that the price varies according to the level of maturity. You can buy Senegalese parrot puppies, which you can get from petshops, in price ranges from $500 to $1500. The main thing here is to take the baby parrot and make it domesticated quickly.

How much does a Senegalese parrot cost?

Besides, you can see that Senegal parrot price rates are lower in advanced parrots. The reason for this is that it is very difficult to domesticate the animal after a certain period.

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Caring for a Senegalese Parrot

The feed of Senegal parrots, which love to be fed with different types of food, consists of seasonal fruits at the rate of 60%. It is useful to give these feeds in small pieces if possible. Carrots and corn can also be placed in their cages as supplements. 40% of the species included in their feed consists of various tree seeds. Their diet is very similar to the black head caique parrot.

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